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Travel & Tourism

Welcome to Africa Safari Bookings Advisor. Getting, not just a credible, but also reliable and outstanding travel agency is every tourist’s dream. Africa Safari Bookings Advisory Center has uniquely positioned itself as a client-centric tour agency that strives to offer each client an exhilarating yet comforting East African tour experience at affordable rates.

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Sustainable Travel

Offer educational tours that inspire people to be more responsible donors, travelers, and global citizens, and awaken them to their power to enact the changes they want to see in the world. Financially support the community development work of our partners, whilst remaining financially sustainable as a tour operator. Serve as a model tour company, in the countries in which we operate and in the field of educational tourism and help improve the industry by sharing the lessons we learn along the way.

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Mission & Values

Our mission is to become preferred partner for our overseas tour operators & clients’ and to help them drive change and growth by carefully listening to their requirements and offering customized and tailor-made solutions backed by in-depth destination & event management experience. Our travel products will always be sustainable, respectful to the local cultures & economically beneficial for the local communities at a number of locations in the African continent on the principles of Responsible tourism.

About Africa Safari Bookings Advisor

Africa Safari Booking Advisory Center – Company Profile


Africa Safari Booking Advisory Center is a firm that was formed as a result of a need to offer travelers to the African continent and especially the Eastern African countries of Kenya Uganda Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi with credible information on safari holidays to this region. The idea was to grant the inbound, outbound and domestic traveler with an opportunity to plan and budget his/her safari immaculately taking into consideration the budget, the best places to visit on that budget and the most popular accommodation and eateries. Also available to this group has been provided the most interesting destinations; namely game parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, pristine beaches, cities, intriguing rural centers, educative cultural attractions, snow-peaked mountains at the equator, wildlife conservancies, famous archeological digs and museums with artifacts of early man, African art centers, water sports sites in the Indian Ocean, remarkable desert places, enormous inland seas, long African rivers and remote tribal settlements.


Sustainable Tourism Policies


In an effort to provide the best to our clients and in line with sustainable tourism policies we have done our utmost to bring aboard the most diversified tourism activities to enable travelers make informed choices on what they would like to do and in which places. Making these choices can sometimes be difficult considering the wide array of activities available to the traveler to Africa. In order to assist, and as an Advisory Center, we have put the activities together per region and given an assessment on preference and popularity among travelers. Among the activities we have lined up for the traveler are: –


  • Africa Leisure Travel
  • Africa Business Travel
  • Africa Adventure Travel
  • African Wildlife Safaris
  • African Beach Holidays
  • African Cultural Tours
  • Team Building Trips
  • Africa Walking Safaris
  • Ecotourism Tours


Other Tourism Activities


  • Domestic Tourism
  • Evangelism Holidays
  • Outback Safaris
  • Shore Excursion Tours
  • Africa Birding Tours


Promoters of Africa Inbound Tourism and Domestic Tours


Africa Safari Booking Advisory Center are Promoters of Africa Inbound Tourism and Domestic Tours encouraging travelers to visit the various parts of the continent sampling the richness and the diversity that has made the Africa of renown a major travel destination. Highlighting the numerous places that offers the traveler a rich “outback’s experience” we continue to market some little-known destinations both locally and to the globe, thus enabling local communities gain from their natural resources; ensuring the safety and protection of these resources. We also make arrangements with hotels and tour operators to offer affordable prices to their regional citizenry and residents to facilitate greater travel and improve the number of their guests and fill their establishments, especially during the low seasons when bed capacities at these properties are at their lowest.


Safe and Affordable Travel


At Africa Safari Booking Advisory Center we offer safe and affordable travel options. Vehicles and planes that clients use have to be well maintained and insured. The escorts namely tour guides, chauffeurs, pilots have to be professionals who are well trained and experienced in handling clients hospitably and with continuous in-house training and assessment we keep their skills well horned. Our clientele is given choices of either using their own insurers or using local but reputable insurers for medical and emergency evacuation while on safari. Prices are provided according to one’s budget giving alternative accommodation and transport options that are the most suitable to the client and yet that affords the most satisfaction with regard to value addition without compromising the quality of tour. All these services enable us to meet the expectations of our clientele.


Hotels, Lodges and Tented Camp Accommodation


The various accommodation that we offer our clients are chosen because of their competence and excellence in service delivery. We continually vet these establishments to make sure that we are constantly taking our clients to places that will guarantee them satisfaction. These places cover mid-range to luxury to up-market establishments according to one’s budget and our joint planning. When possible, we upgrade our clients to higher quality accommodation depending on availability, season of travel and group size. When accommodation cannot be gotten at a particular property – previously arranged – we provide for a similar establishment or a better one at no extra cost. Meals at all these hotels offer international cuisine and are prepared by personnel that have been trained in some of the best culinary colleges in the world.


Our Staff and Administration


To ensure that we maintain that high standards that we have set for ourselves, we have put up a team of hospitality professionals that can deliver to our clients. From the Courtesy Team that “meets and greets” our clientele at the point of physical contact; to our office staff that communicates with clients throughout the planning process; to our experienced safari chauffeurs that take care of the clients on their “African Safari”; to the staff of the partner hotels and tour operators that we collaborate with for seamless travel across the African countries; you can rest assured that you are in good hands throughout your African Adventure.

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