Namibia Botswana Birding Adventure

Namibia Botswana Birding Adventure is a comprehensive Birding Adventure tour that combines the endemic birds of the Namib Desert with spectacular tropical savanna and wetland species. Namibia birding tours combined with Botswana are a special African birding and wildlife journey that feature a spectacular feast of special, restricted-range birds, not to mention some magnificent scenery and splendid mammals. Our combined Namibia & Botswana birding tour takes in the edge of the Skeleton Coast, Etosha National Park and the famous Okavango Delta, as well as several equally good, but less well-known, areas. Our Namibia birding tour together with Botswana is a marvelous journey through Africa’s ‘real; democracies, which are surely two of the friendliest and most modern states in Africa. There is no doubt about it – with nearly 600 bird species including over 500 regularly occurring species, Botswana offers some brilliant birding opportunities. Namibia Botswana Birding Tour Adventure is a photographic birding tour that gives you time in some of Africa’s greatest African birding havens. Our Namibia Botswana Birding Tour Adventure begins with three days in the rugged Erongo Mountains where, at the magical lodge we use, some localized and striking birds can be seen and photographed, truly up-close and personal, among the amazing rock formations. The middle part of the tour finds us in one of the continent’s finest game parks, Etosha. Here Lions and other big cats, African Elephants, rhino, Southern Giraffe, and a plethora of other big and small mammals roam freely among some spectacular birds, such as Crimson-breasted Shrike, Secretary bird, various owls (some of them at their daytime roosts), and all the others. The southwestern corner of Africa not only contains some of Africa’s most magnificent scenery but also the greatest concentration of endemic birds on the continent. This part of Africa offers superb, easy, very enjoyable birding (almost entirely in open country) with many endemic, near-endemic or restricted-range specialties, some of the best mammal watching on the continent, wonderful scenery, amazingly good roads, and good accommodations and food.