Namibia Bird Watching Safari

Namibia Bird Watching Safari, Namibia Birding Safari is a must for any keen birder! Indeed, the birds, other wildlife, landscapes and vast open spaces will touch your soul. Our Namibia Bird Watching Safari itinerary covers the best birding and wildlife venues of Central and Northern Namibia. From the great orange sand dunes of Sossusvlei to the plains of Etosha, each day delivers new wonders. And, while Namibia’s bird list is not as big as those of more verdant countries, it’s packed with near-endemics and specials. In short, it’s simply unique in every way. The best time for Namibia Bird Watching Safari or bird watching in Namibia is during the rains - typically between around November and April. Then many migrants visit, adding to the native species found inland; food is plentiful and many species sport colorful breeding plumage. Meanwhile Namibia's rich, cold ocean attracts large permanent populations of coastal birds. Our Namibia Birding Tour begins in Windhoek. After one night there we take a spectacular drive to Sesriem, gateway to the iconic dunes of Sossusvlei. with over 300 bird species possible in and around Windhoek, many of them near-endemics and other special species of Namibia. If you are unable to embark on a long birding safari, even a Windhoek Birding Day Trip to the hotspots around Windhoek will yield some highly satisfying birding. Birdwatching in Namibia is equally excellent; despite the country having only one true endemic it has a great many near-endemics shared with either South Africa, Botswana, or Angola. The dry nature of the country makes for very easy birding, and Namibia is a long-time favorite among our clients and guides alike!