Mount Kenya Sirimon Naro Moru Trek

Mount Kenya Sirimon Naro Moru Trek is the most popular route in Mount Kenya National Park. Mount Kenya Sirimon Naro Moru Trek route offers some of the best tourist accommodations, as the cabins on this side of Mount Kenya are in a good quality, which compensates the fewer scenic views. Mount Kenya Sirimon Naro Moru Trek the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage listed Mount Kenya in 5 days from Nairobi. Mount Kenya Sirimon Naro Moru Trek route offers the optimum balance of good acclimatization and scenery. Mount Kenya Sirimon Naro Moru Trek trail follows the stunning Sirimon route up through dramatic glacial valleys and descends down the pretty Naro moru trail - the most direct traverse on the mountain. Mount Kenya Sirimon Naro Moru Trek break the tough ascent from Old Moses to Shiptons Camp with a night at Likki North Camp (3990m). Sirimon to Naro Moru is the most common traverse on Mt. Kenya. Although the trip offers reasonably good chances of reaching the summit, those unable to make it to the summit may cross-over through the easier summit circuit trail and join up with other hikers at the Mackinder's Camp or optionally return back on the Sirimon trail. Mount Kenya is a volcano that rises dramatically from the Kenyan plains to a height of 5,199m. Glaciation has played a large part in the current formation of the mountain, with dramatic U shaped Valleys, hanging lakes and a number of tarns. The vegetation is striking with a number of different zones represented. The initial ascent climbs through lush montana forest, dense bamboo, and heathland. The highlight for many is the unique high altitude Afro-Alpine zone which plays host to a bizarre collection of pre-historic looking plants including Senecios and Giant Lobelias. The peak for trekkers is Point Lenana at 4985m, which is a moderate scramble up scree and boulders from the Shiptons Hut at 4,200m. (The real peaks at Batian 5199m and Nelion 5188m are accessible only to technical climbers). Whilst it is possible to climb up and down in three or four days, the quick altitude rise means there is a very strong chance of altitude sickness unless you are already accustomed.