Mount Kenya Sirimon Chogoria Trek

Mount Kenya Sirimon Chogoria Trek. There are 3 principal summit routes, namely Sirimon, Chogoria and Naro Moru. We recommend doing the Mount Kenya Sirimon Chogoria Trek by ascending and descending each of the routes to give some variety, and mix up camping or staying in huts along the way. Mount Kenya Sirimon Chogoria Trek is the most scenic and interesting of the three main routes on Mt Kenya. Mount Kenya Sirimon Chogoria Trek starts at Meru Bandas at the base of arguably one of the beautiful Lake Michaelson. As it is a slower ascent, Mount Kenya Sirimon Chogoria Trek offers more prospects for acclimatisation and also time to enjoy the magnificent scenery. There are a further five routes which are much less climbed - Burguret on West, Timau on the North, Meru on the North East, Ithanguni on the East, and Kamweti to the South. These are all wild camping and the National Park often requires Rangers to attend a group because of wild animals. These routes don't have official park gates, and route finding is much harder. I invite you to join me on a unique adventure, climbing Mount Kenya in 5 days, following the Chogoria Sirimon Route, the most scenic and spectacular route to the summit area. Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain, after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Erosion and time have reduced the peak from 6500m to 5199 on the highest point today. This extinct volcano, dating back 2.5 million years old, is located about 200 kilometers north of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, in the Mount Kenya National Park. Mount Kenya has three peaks on the summit area: Mbatian, Nelion and point Lenana. On this trip we will climb up to Lenana (4985m), which offers magnificent views over the surrounding country and other high points around the main peaks. The Sirimon Chigoria trek combines the two most scenic routes to the summit of Mt Kenya. Mount Kenya Sirimon Chogoria Trek will hike up through the dry side of the mountain, climbing up through forests until we get to a wide ridge, approaching the summit area. This wonderful and scenic hike takes you to discover the unique landscapes of this region in Kenya. The best time to climb Mount Kenya is during the dry months of January, February, late August, September and October. The trek takes us to ascend via the Sirimon route and descend via the Chogoria route, taking you through beautiful forest trails, completing the entire traverse of the mountain. This combined itinerary offers stunning nature and magnificent views of the Gorges Valley, Lake Michaelson and Lake Ellis. Starting via the Sirimon route you will get a better acclimatization to altitude. We will begin from the northwest part of Mount Kenya, hiking via the Liki North, Old Moses Camp and the Shipton’s Camp before hitting Point Lenana. So if you want to climb Mount Kenya, join us on this great 5-day trek! Book your trip and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Africa!