Mombasa Tsavo Amboseli Safari

Mombasa Tsavo Amboseli Safari in 5 Days – the landscapes, bird watching & wildlife; all in one safari basket from Mombasa back to Mombasa. 5 days Mombasa Tsavo Amboseli Safari will also leave from Kilifi & Malindi. Tsavo East-West-Amboseli Safari showcasing the wonders in a wildlife ecosystem. The Tsavo Amboseli Parks tour starts from Mombasa and return to Mombasa and Diani beach. This Mombasa Tsavo Amboseli Safari tour visits the picturesque landscape of the Tsavo west with opportunities for game and scenery viewing drives. Tour proceeds to the Amboseli national park-at the floor of Mount Kilimanjaro where more game viewing drives shall continue. Safaris from Mombasa Kenya, Diani Malindi or Watamu to Tsavo East, Tsavo West or Amboseli, Kenya. Diani to Masai Mara, Kenya. Start your Mombasa Tsavo Amboseli Safari from Mombasa Kenya to the southern national parks of Kenya. Take a break from your beach holiday in Kenya and explore the wilderness and vast wildlife ares of Tsavo and Amboseli. This Mombasa Tsavo Amboseli Safari can start before your beach holiday of during your holiday you can escape to the wild and return to continue with your beach stay. Relax after your safari on the white sandy beaches of Kenya at either Diani, Watamu or Malindi. These are short safaris ideal for a short stay while on your Beach Safari Holiday in Kenya. Tour transport and game viewing drives is by private pop up top safari minivan. Find the perfect blend of wildlife adventure and geological exposure in the Tsavo national park. This park hosts large herds of magnificent elephants and famous man-eating lions, for sending shivers down your spine. You can observe on Aruba Dam’s waterhole these giant beasts quenching their thirst. Survey broken volcanic hills in Tsavo West, one of which sprouts the soothing sight of Mzima Springs.