Luxury Golf Safari

luxury golf safari and Golf experience in Africa are the gorgeous duo of adventure and relaxation. Truly top-class golf courses await the golfers in Africa. Africa is home of to several of the world's finest golf and safari resorts. Explore Kenya Golf Safaris, this luxury golf safari tour is rich in diversity, traversing some of the best places in Kenya, while including ample opportunity for golfers to enjoy a spot of African golf while enjoying Kenya’s wildlife and its sandy beaches and warm ocean waters. Discover best golfing tour in Africa. This is the ultimate African luxury golf safari. You’ll laze about in 5-star accommodation, travel in luxurious comfort, play exclusive golf courses topped off with amazing experiences. This 5-star golf safari is strictly limited to few people. Tee off on the country’s most celebrated golf courses: sweeping fairways and immaculate greens set against mountain backdrops, vineyards or wild reserves. Africa offer some top golfing destination with world-class courses that can easily be combined with a few days with game viewing in a Big 5 reserve. If you are a professional or just a golf enthusiast and you are planning to travel to Africa, it would be a mistake not to combine your African Safari with a day or two on some of the most amazing golf courses you’ve ever seen. With the rise of world champs came the development of impressive designer golf courses, such as the Windsor Golf & Country Club in Kenya and the Gary Player Country Club in South Africa. Now, what else is Africa renowned for? Its nature, wildlife and the great outdoors. It was merely a matter of time before the leisure of golf and the adventure of safaris were amalgamated, delivering the now-popular concept of a golf safari. Africa's great courses provide the most unusual of safaris, blending beautiful golf courses with rare landscapes and unusual wildlife.