kenya sunbird birding holiday

Kenya Sunbird Birding Holiday tours follow a very unusual, specialty-orientated birding itinerary that we have carefully crafted from many years of experience in the country with the richest avifauna in all of Africa. Our Kenya Sunbird Birding Holiday, Kenya birding tour features a large bird list, inevitably so as Kenya is a country with one of the world’s richest avifaunas, and also a superb selection of mammals. Kenya Sunbird Birding Holiday is a splendid Kenya Sunbird Birding Holiday, Kenya birding adventure which is deliberately positioned at the best time of year both for seeing Kenya’s avian specialties enjoying numerous Kenyan species in full breeding plumage. As a bonus, it is also a good time for observing Palearctic migrants passing through the country or preparing to leave their wintering grounds in Kenya itself. Many very approachable birds, fantastic mammal viewing, great scenery, good food and truly superb accommodations all add to the attractions. Some 1100 species have already been recorded from this small country, far more than from any equivalent area on the African continent. Kenya’s remarkably rich avifauna is a direct consequence of a highly varied topography combined with an extraordinary diversity of climatic conditions and habitats (including virtually everything from dry savannas to verdant forests, from snow-capped volcanoes to rich grasslands, and from deserts to great lakes). Like some of the countries of South America, Kenya exhibits great changes in the composition of its birdlife over very short distances, but, unlike much of South America, birding here is delightfully easy, with many open and well-lit habitats to enjoy and many quite tame and remarkably approachable species. Our Kenya Sunbird Birding Holiday, Kenya birding tour starts in Nairobi, from where we take an internal flight to the ancient trading port of Lamu on the Indian Ocean coast, where, in particular, we will be wanting to see the recently-described, near-endemic Black (or Manda) Boubou.