Kenya Explorer Safari Holiday

Kenya Explorer Safari Holiday trip explores some of Kenya’s most renowned wildlife sanctuaries. Each National Park visited offers different peculiarities that make it genuine. Kenya’s rich wildlife and vast landscapes are simply iconic and Kenya Explorer Safari Holiday tour will allow you to experience the best wonders. The imagery of an African safari in Kenya comes to life as you traverse the straggling plains of the Maasai Mara, or drive in the legendary shadow of the snow-peaked Mount Kenya straddled along the Equator. Kenya’s prolific wildlife offers incomparable chances to observe these remarkable animals up close in their natural habitats. Through our Kenya Explorer Safari Holiday tour, we use our top guides to ensure that your Kenyan safari experience incorporates as much learning and observing. Our guides will take you to some of Kenya’s untouched corners thus providing you with intimate wildlife encounters that you’ll remember this Kenya explorer safari in your lifetime. From the north to the south of Kenya, you’ll get to explore vast stretches of our country, discovering her great parks, scenic wonders, and fabulous wildlife. Kenya Explorer Safari Holiday trip is well-paced for adventure and fun, taking you from the rugged terrain of Samburu Park to the Great Rift Valley Lakes of Nakuru and Naivasha to the Savannah of Masai Mara, streaming with wildlife. For over a week, you’ll enjoy the best of Africa.
8 Days Kenya Explorer Safari Holiday
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8 Days Kenya Explorer Safari Holiday

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