Kenya Cycling Tour Adventure

Kenya Cycling Tour Adventure or mountain bike trip starts in Nairobi and will take you through the beautiful hills of this great country. During our Kenya Cycling Tour Adventure, we will spend a night in a local village. Kenya Cycling Tour Adventure is a perfect combination of physical challenge and cultural experience! This trip is ideal for people with good fitness level, we cycle 560 kms. A few challenges along the way and enough time for relaxing and sightseeing. Adventure cycling among big animals which can't be met in any other continent than Africa. Likewise, for the black-people tribes such as the Masai, which still live as hundreds of years ago. They aren't fenced-in like in the western world, so we simply cycle right through their habitats. Kenya Cycling Tour Adventure tour delivers an unforgettable and for many a life changing experience. On two wheels from one nature gem to another with various safaris and boating excursions in order to release the strain on our muscles, caused by the cycling on unpaved and often hilly rural roads.