Kenya Cycling Adventure

Kenya Cycling Adventure provides a novel, active, and adventurous way to experience authentic Africa. Kenya Cycling Adventure stands for cycling adventures to safari- and national parks and lakes. Kenya Cycling Adventure is a unique tour. Kenya Cycling Adventure, Africa Cycling provides an ideal combination of wildlife, culture, and nature right from your bike. Enjoy the hospitable and warm welcome of the fascinating Masai Mara people. Appreciate unforgettable Kenya Cycling Adventure trips over large lakes, spotting hippos, crocodiles and beautiful birds. 4x4 safaris in safe vehicles provide incredible photo opportunities of the Big Five and other beautiful game. During parts of the year, you can witness the Great Migration. You are rewarded for challenging bike ride, partly on asphalt, partly on gravel roads by staying in comfortable hotels. A memorable bike tour. Truly experience Kenya Cycling Adventure as you can only do by bike. This the real Africa, where you will encounter free roaming wildlife from your saddle, you will immerse yourself in to the culture and color of the people, ride through vast landscapes, and camp in the wilderness under a cloudless African sky. Kenya Cycling Biking Safari Adventures takes you to some awesome biking destinations in Kenya. Your Kenya Cycling Biking Safari Adventures starts in Nairobi through to the Great Rift Valley, Maasai Mara Plains, Kericho tea Farm and finally around Lake Victoria. Along the way, you will see numerous attractions such as craters, great mountains, and wildlife and bird life. Cyclists are escorted by our driver guide who is very experienced and very familiar with the geology of these areas. Our Kenya Cycling Biking Safari Adventures is a guided tour with a customized private safari mini Vehicle purposely designed for the tusk and a reliable team of dedicated and experienced local mountain biker’s.