kenya birding package safari holiday

Kenya Birding Package Safari Holiday, Kenya Bird watching safaris tours are designed to offer you the best of bird watching in Kenya. Enjoy our Kenya Birding Package Safari Holiday, Kenya Bird watching safaris tours during our Best of Kenya birding tour while seeing an awesome variety of birds and an amazing variety of mammals. Kenya is renowned for its dazzling wildlife including the Big Five and all the other animals people enjoy seeing on safari. And the country also has a staggering amount of birds—1134 species—and is one of Africa’s top birdwatching destinations. On this exciting 9-day safari we take you to a combination of Kenya’s best wildlife savannah parks and reserves, and the best lakes and forests to spot the extraordinary birdlife. Kakamega Forest National Reserve is Kenya’s only remaining patch of tropical rainforest, and the Great Rift Valley lakes of Nakuru, Baringo and Bogoria attract hundreds of thousands of wildfowl from herons and storks to flamingos and pelicans. The Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the best game reserves in the world, and the plains teem with animals and it’s the stage for the spectacular annual wildebeest migration. Plentiful birds can be seen on this varied safari, and the animals you will see. Birdwatching is rewarding everywhere in Kenya. For dedicated birdwatchers, a well-planned two-week itinerary is likely to result in a trip list of 350–400 species, a figure that compares favorably with anywhere in the world.