Kenya Bird Watching Tour Safari

Kenya Bird Watching Tour Safari provide special photographic opportunities to help you capture those wonderful memories of Africa. Our Kenya Bird Watching Tour Safari tour guides will assist you set up the perfect photos as they share their years of experience photographing African species and landscapes, while on safari. All our Kenya Bird Watching Tour Safari tour guides are drawn directly from East Africa and bring vast safari experience in the field to help you enjoy each minute spent with us. Kindly take a look at our Kenya Bird Watching Tour Safari tours to see a selection of our famous birding and nature tours in Kenya. If you do not find a tour that suits you, we are here to help you tailor-make a tour of your preference. Our Kenya Bird Watching Tour Safari team will work with you until you get the perfect itinerary for yourself or your group. With a good all year round bird watching expedition experience, Kenya's bird watching safaris offer the most competitive value in Africa, with the number of species found only exceeded by the much larger and inaccessible Democratic Republic of Congo. Kenya is only about 25% the size of the latter. The concentration and distribution statistics make bird watching in Kenya the fairest choice for an itinerant adventurer. One of the most important points to make is that a fair number of endemic and near-endemic species can easily be seen on any birding trip. These birds are especially sought-after as they only occur within the country or marginally beyond. In addition, European migrants are much found in Kenya mostly between September to April. Most of the observers we have hosted in this period have been excited to see a fulfilment of what they had learnt elsewhere, thought or considered possible in a birding watching safari in Kenya.