big cats kenya safari package

Big Cats Kenya Safari Package offers great diversity in terms of landscapes & wildlife. Big Cats Kenya Safari Package focuses especially on East Africa’s “famous Big Cats”. Each of our Popular Big Cat Safaris in Africa itineraries can be tailor-made to suit your budget as well as your specific interests. People come from all over the world to see lion, leopard and cheetah – the biggest felines on the African continent. The Big Cats Kenya Safari Package is hardly complete without seeing at least one of these amazing predators in the wilderness. When searching out the big cats, it’s also important to look out for the smaller yet equally fascinating Serval and Caracal. East Africa is by far the best destination to view big cats. It hosts more than half of Africa’s lion population and it’s not uncommon to see more than 100 individual lions in the central Serengeti in one day. There are also fantastic leopard areas, the Serengeti’s plains for cheetah and frequent Serval and caracal sightings. The open plains and short grass make it far easier to find the big cats, compared to the dense bushveld vegetation of southern Africa. Big Cats of Maasai Mara National Reserve: Kenya is a famous wildlife Kenya safari destination for the big cats and Maasai Mara national reserve of the most popular safari destination where you can find these fascinating creatures. The name big cats used to refer to any of the 5 members of the genus Panthera that are tiger, lion, jaguar, leopards and the snow leopard as well as the cheetah which is considered a non-pantherine and cougar also referred as the clouded leopard.