africa big cat safari holiday

Africa Big Cat Safari Holiday Package Africa Big Cat Safari Holiday Package, specially prepared for cat lovers. Our Africa Big Cat Safari Holiday Package was designed as a result of our experience and interest from our guests. We guarantee our guests the ultimate wildcat (and many other animals!) viewing experience. The wildlife ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa is defined by its charismatic, diverse, and distinctive presence. You can witness the effortless grace and timeless beauty of iconic wildlife during an African or Africa Big Cat Safari Holiday Package as you experience the heart of undulating hills, eternal plains, and dense forests. Our specialist can help you plan the perfect African Big Cat Safari that takes you from lush oases to a surprising desert scape in search of a bone-rattling lion’s roar or the lingering gaze of a curious leopard. On big cat safaris to Africa, for instance, there is a greater chance of Big Five animal encounters between July and September. But you will need local knowledge of each game reserve to tell you where you’ll get the best opportunity of meeting a pride of lions. The most charismatic of all the animals that roam the African parks are the big cats. It’s, therefore, normal for avid wildlife enthusiasts to search for the best camps for big cats’ safaris in Africa. To behold the splendor and beauty of the big cats is an experience that warms the heart of every wildlife enthusiast.