africa big cat safari holiday package

Africa Big Cat Safari Holiday Package Africa Big Cat Safari Holiday Package is a thrilling safari that puts you in the heart of the action amongst the big cats of Africa. Our Africa Big Cat Safari Holiday Package Visits the renowned Masai Mara National Reserve, famed for the wildebeest and zebra thundering across the landscape during the annual migrations in July and August. Benefiting from the knowledge and skill of your safari guide, you will learn a huge amount about not only the wildlife but the way the Masai live in harmony with their surroundings and the animals that call the Savannah home.  This Africa Big Cat Safari Holiday Package is a comfort Safari & Authentic Cultural Experience that offers you a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Kenya by visiting the major parks of the northern circuit as well as the local tribes. African Big Cats has distinguished itself from the crowd for its commitment to excellent service and innovative itineraries. Our safaris are conducted with optimum care to provide our customers with a truly memorable experience. We strive to introduce you to the country, its culture, its people, as well as the wildlife. Situated in Kenya, this is perhaps the greatest place of ‘animal real estate’ in Africa because of its famous pride of lions which made the BBC’s film ‘The Big Cat Diary’ so well-known. Apart from that, it’s where Disney Studios filmed ‘African Cats’. It’s one of the best camps worth visiting to see the big cats of Africa. Nothing raises the pulse quite like seeing a big cat stalking through the grass. For size, nothing beats the elusive male Bengal tiger. They are solitary animals and their camouflage makes them extremely hard to spot. But in the open they appear flame-colored orange. Beautiful yet savage, cunning yet indolent, big cats are as enigmatic as they are intoxicating.