9 days wildebeest migration & gorilla safari

9 Days Wildebeest Migration & Gorilla Safari is unforgettable experience in the jungles of Uganda to track the last Mountain gorillas on earth and view the awesome Great Migration river crossings. From the Serengeti in Tanzania, to the Masai Mara in Kenya, the Great Wildebeest Migration attracts thousands of nature enthusiasts, filmmakers and photographers who come from around the world to witness one of Africa's most dazzling cycles of life before proceeding to Uganda to track the Gorilla. 9 Days Wildebeest Migration & Gorilla Safari offer you a nice opportunity to encounter Gorillas of Bwindi National Park as well as get close with Serengeti Big 5 and the annual wildebeest migration between Serengeti and Masai Mara. 9 Days Wildebeest Migration & Gorilla Safari is a spectacle journey that many travelers are seeking to tick off their bucket list. You will engage in different game drives during your 9 days Uganda and Tanzania safari as you explore the northern and central part of Serengeti national park in search of various wildlife species such as elephants, lions, hippos, antelopes, gazelles, impalas, kudu, giraffes, leopards, cheetahs, buffalos and many others. Serengeti national park is the oldest national park in Tanzania and is a popular wildlife viewing destination with various wildlife species and is also known for its endless savannah plains dotted with trees and for the great wildebeest migration which involves the movement of over 2 million wildebeests annually in search of greener pastures.