8 days kenya uganda safari

8 Days Kenya Uganda Safari will take you to premium Kenya and Uganda national parks. Our 8 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Wildebeest & Best of Kenya tour lets you see the very best of Kenya and Uganda wildlife. 8 Days Kenya Uganda Safari Wildlife & Primates Safari is the best highlight from both Kenya and Uganda, a combination safari tour that takes you to experience the African wilderness in Maasai Mara among other magnificent safari destination in Kenya, In Uganda this safari takes you to highlight in trekking great apes which are said to be 98% of human genes, trekking the mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees ‘’primates’’. With all that Uganda and Kenya has to offer, Kenya Uganda Safari brings them all to you. Enjoy the roaring wildlife of Kenya visiting Maasai Mara National Reserve and trek the national parks for Chimps and Gorillas, like the Bwindi Impenetrable National park, all of this to be had on our Kenya Uganda Safari Tour, an amazing getaway. The 8 Days Kenya Uganda Safari begins in Nairobi Kenya and ends in Uganda’s Primative safari destination.