7 days tanzania birding

7 Days Tanzania Birding is a Tanzania Birding to Northern Tanzania’s park considered to be an Express Birding 7 Days Tanzania Birding safari tour. Tanzania is a top bird watching destination. 7 Days Tanzania Birding offers ample opportunity to view a wide variety of birds – from migratory to resident birds. Our 7 Days Tanzania Birding Express are meant to offer an un-beatable birding experience to visitors in the country with very limited time available, actually those who would wish to “bird on borrowed time” off business or conference in Arusha. Tanzania is one of the finest bird watching destinations in Africa. Tanzania is not only a place for animal lovers but also an ornithological paradise. Those who love watching birds and love traveling, Tanzania is the most iconic place to visit. Tanzania enables a great opportunity for spotting different bird species which includes 2,500 bird species from 111 bird families. There are 700 bird species are found as migratory where 1,800 species are considered to be native. Selous Game Reserve, Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Conservation Areas are assessed as the best destinations to watch these colorful and prettiest birds. We operate birding tours in all the iconic places where you can spot some of the rarest birds. The wild expanses of Tanzania offer the ultimate paradise for birding enthusiasts. While there’s plenty of birdwatching opportunities in Tanzania, you will get a wonderful experience being guided by professionals. The huge list of bird species to be found here make bird watching safaris in Tanzania the most sought after activity among bird lovers.