7 days kenya cycling tour adventure

7 Days Kenya Cycling Tour Adventure is a unique tour. 7 Days Kenya Cycling Tour Adventure in Africa provides an ideal combination of wildlife, culture, and nature right from your bike. Enjoy the hospitable and warm welcome of the fascinating Masai Mara people. Appreciate unforgettable 7 Days Kenya Cycling Tour Adventure trips over spotting hippos, crocodiles and beautiful birds. 4x4 safaris in safe vehicles provide incredible photo opportunities of the Big Five and other beautiful game. During parts of the year, you can witness the Great Migration. You are rewarded for challenging bike ride, partly on asphalt, partly on gravel roads by staying in comfortable hotels. A memorable bike tour. Traveling and the bicycle have been in a serious committed relationship for centuries, and it’s not hard to understand why. We handpick the most scenic biking routes from the Rocky Mountains of Rift Valley to the Plains of Masai Mara. The mobility of a bike gives you the chance to see well known locales from a new perspective and opens up their more remote corners to deeper exploration. And since you control the pace, you’re free to stop at a friendly café or roadside market whenever you like, or turn that rolling field you just passed into an impromptu picnic spot. Take in the sights and sounds of Africa as you pedal your way along her roads and trails. Your trip can be done with or without a backup vehicle, depending on the route taken, your group size and personal preferences.