6 days mount kenya trek

6 Days Mount Kenya Trek is a moderate summit trek enriched with a fascinating peak circuiting trek for extra acclimatization. 6 Days Mount Kenya Trek is an itinerary that is highly recommended for trekkers seeking a 6 day trek on Mountain Kenya offering a high levels of success to reach the hiker's summit (Point Lenana - 4985m). The added advantage of this moderate 6 Days Mount Kenya Trek is the fact that it offers extra acclimatization when you trek partly or all around the peaks ahead of attempting the summit. You'll also enjoy facilitating views of the high peaks from all angles. The hike goes up through montane forest, bamboo, heather and Mooreland zones to Shiptons camp (4200m) below the peaks from where you skirt the high peaks to the east, bypassing Hausburg col, Oblong tarn and Two-tarn. With four possible paths up to the summit, This 6 Days Mount Kenya Trek offers some of the best views of the main peaks with a gradual ascent which can be done leisurely, we traverse the mountain by ascending the Sirimon track, join the best of Timau, then join the best of Chogoria and Descend the Naro Moru track. Challenge yourself to climb Mount Kenya and experience the exhilaration of trekking the second highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya (pt. Lenana) stands at 4,985 meters and is an amazing 6 Days Mount Kenya Trek in some of the most beautiful scenery Kenya has to offer. On your final summit day, an early start sees you on the summit circuit path, which is arguably the finest walking trail in all of East Africa. Experience stunning views, tarns, glaciers, ice-carved rock formations, and precipitous valleys, before ideally reaching Point. Lenana to see a spectacular African sunrise. our Mount Kenya trekking routes and highlights page compares the merits of these trails and picks out some of the best sights along the way, to help you plan your trip. Plus, our holiday company experts, who have trekked Mount Kenya, offer tips on packing, what to expect and how to stay well as you ascend.