6 days kenya golf holiday tour package

6 Days Kenya Golf Holiday Tour Package Start and end in Nairobi! With the Safari tour 6 Days Kenya Golf Safari, you have a 6 days tour package taking you through Nairobi, Kenya and 2 other destinations in Kenya. 6 Days Kenya Golf Safari includes accommodation, an expert guide, meals, transport and more. Kenya is home to many world-renowned championship golf courses and boasts of many attractions and safari options in the surrounding areas. Nowhere else can the game of golf be enjoyed within such close proximities as in East Africa. You practically play golf in the natural domain of elephants and wild animals roaming around you! We will do careful selection of the countries' finest championship golf courses and accommodation will challenge the amateur and professionals alike. We invite you to come and share the pleasures of our world class golf courses. You will stay in lodges, hotels and resorts that have been specially chosen to meet international standards of hospitality as you enjoy the teeming wildlife and vibrant cultures of the regions. East Africa is not only a tourist's but a golfer's paradise as there as over 30 beautiful golf courses situated in the most scenic locations around the countries. 6 Days Kenya Golf Holiday Tour Package is a complete package for visitors. 6 Days Kenya Golf Holiday Tour Package provides a rich as well as diverse environment to explore exciting and adventurous holidays.