6 days kenya bird watching

6 Days Kenya Bird Watching Tour will give you a great chance to explore the ornithological paradise in Kenya. This 6 Days Kenya Bird Watching package is a splendid way of seeing this marvelous and highly scenic country’s many endemic birds, not to mention some great mammals. During this 6 Days Kenya Bird Watching Tour it's quite easy to spot over 100 species in one day. Many of the birds are exotic and are generally easily recognizable by our specialized guides. 6 Days Kenya Bird Watching Tour is planned to see the splendid beauty of the country’s scenic viewpoints as well as the natural habitat. Birds and mammals. You will explore the neglected part of Kenya which is an ornithological paradise and hosts hundreds of birds. Hills, mountain valleys will be visited on a 4x4 wheeled vehicle and the birding experience is no doubt would be a lifetime. From the world biggest birds, the ostrich, to spectacular flamingos that congregate in their millions at the various lakes of the Great Rift Valley and camouflage then in pink, Kenya holds some remarkable birding sights that you have to see them to believe. With eleven percent of the world's species some 1089 different varieties, Kenya’s birding is one of the best in the world. it is not unusual for birding trips to record 300-600 different varieties on a short trip or to recorded more than 120 at a particular site on a single day, the variety of birds in Kenya is made possible by the favorable climates, diverse habitats and geographical features than make it a suitable migratory route for birds. Event without venturing outside Nairobi, Kenya's capital more than 600 residents and migratory bird species are found more than in any other capital city and more than in most countries. Birds watching is good all year round in Kenya.