5 days mount kenya sirimon trek

5 Days Mount Kenya Sirimon Trek combines the two most scenic routes of Mt Kenya. Ascent is on the dry side of mountain which offers some of the finest walking. 5 Days Mount Kenya Sirimon Trek Climb up through forest into a wide ridge approach to the summit area. The 5 Days Mount Kenya Sirimon Trek route starts on the northwest side of the mountain near Nanyuki. Access is adequate and the bunk house facilities are the best on this side of the mountain. This creative climb is one of the most popular African trekking tours. 5 Days Mount Kenya Sirimon Trek joins two of the most scenic routes up Mount Kenya, Sirimon and Chogoria, producing a remarkably diverse and spectacular trek. Sirimon coming off the west of Mount Kenya passes through the dry side of the mountain with its giant trees and rocky terrain, and the descent onto the Chogoria path is exactly different with its lush bamboo and highland forests. This is the most common traverse on Mt. Kenya. Unless preferred, camping is not necessary as accommodation is available in mountain huts throughout the trip. Although the 5 Days Mount Kenya Sirimon Trek trip offers reasonably good chances of reaching the summit, those who may not manage the challenge can cross over via the easier summit circuit trail and join up with other hikers at the Minto’s Camp or consider adding on a day at Shipton camp to acclimatize better ahead of the summit. Hiking in the wonderful and scenic hike Mount Kenya National Park is undeniably at its best during the dry months of January, February, late August and September. October is equally good for trekking. Choose our 5 days Mount Kenya climb Sirimon Chogoria route which combines the best routes with an ascent from Sirimon route and descent via the most breathtaking Chogoria trail.