3 days maasai mara wildebeest migration safaris

3 Days Maasai Mara Wildebeest Migration Safaris. The great wildebeest migration is one of the seven wonders of wildlife, it occurs annually between Masai Mara Reserve of Kenya and Serengeti national park of Tanzania. The reserve is one of the best destinations in the world to enjoy the great migration with accompaniment of the big cats and other predators. We have planned this 4 days Kenya migration safari package to introduce you to one of the most spectacular and thrilling wildlife behaviors on earth; the Masai Mara Migration. The event also called the great wildebeest migration in Africa, occurs every year from July to October. Masai Mara wildebeest migration is so bewildering that in 2007, it clinched a spot on the list of ‘8 wonders of the World’. It is also celebrated as the largest overland migration on earth. Contrary to popular belief, the Masai Mara wildebeest migration is not a single crossing but a circular and endless event. The animals are always moving (in a cyclical route) across the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara Game reserve in Kenya. In total, the migrating herd covers a distance of over 3000 kilometers. The Mara River crossing (which occurs between Mid-June and late July), is just one part of the circular movement of the migrating flock. After the crossing, the herd stays in the Masai Mara game reserve till early November. They then cross over to the Serengeti and continue with the circular movement, only to do the Mara river crossing again the following year.