18 days namibia bird watching safari itinerary

18 Days Namibia Bird Watching Safari Itinerary is a truly marvelous 2.5-week birding adventure. This 18 Days Namibia Bird Watching Safari Itinerary covers a vast area and a huge range of habitats, from the coastal deserts to the land of big rivers. If you’ve ever considered taking the birding holiday of a lifetime, then choosing Africa as your destination might be a perfect choice. With a wide range of exotic and beautiful birds to discover, across some of the world’s most diverse countries. There’s plenty to see and do for bird watchers of all types, from avid fans to relative newcomers. But with so much ground to cover, what birding Africa tour is the perfect match for you? Your expert Nature Travel bird guide will accompany you for the full duration of the tour which will ensure that you do not miss any of the most important bird species. The diversity of habitat on this Birding Namibia leads to varied and numerous avian highlights, with many iconic and top birds of the region virtually guaranteed.