15 days kenya tanzania birding

15 Days Kenya Tanzania Birding will explore some of the best birdwatching destinations in East Africa. Our 15 Days Kenya Tanzania Birding Tour Safari Holiday Adventures of Kenya and Tanzania has been specially crafted to allow you to enjoy Kenya and Tanzania’s best birding locations, with photography being the main agenda. 15 Days Kenya Tanzania Birding Tour safari tour will engage you in a birding and photography experience of a lifetime. The locations and destinations have been selected to give you an opportunity to see some of Kenya’s best mammal and birding parks that are filled with nature’s wonders. Arriving into the big city airports, frequently the first birds spotted are the urban and farmland dwellers, such as the Wagtails and Weaver birds, with their huge nest colonies. Even a short two or three-day birdwatching safari will provide an excellent species count for the ardent bird watcher. A longer birding trip will ensure a superb introduction to the over 1,000 species found in East Africa. What can be more beautiful than watching a huge variety of birds? Surely they will charm you with their colorful feathers, sound singing and diversity. From our range of itineraries, we can customize one or a combination to make your exclusive bird watching experience special for you. Share your ultimate safari with us and let us make your ornithological dreams come true.