14 days tanzania birding holiday

14 Days Tanzania Birding Holiday to the Northern Tanzania birding tour is not just a wonderful birding tour. 14 Days Tanzania Birding Holiday tours take us to remarkable African safari destinations, each boasting a bird list in excess of a thousand species. Tanzania is one of the finest bird watching destinations in Africa. With a resident population in excess of 1,388 different bird species, eight of the 10 family’s endemic to mainland Africa are present. Raptors, plovers, parrots, turacos, bee-eaters, barbets, starlings, weavers, pipits and sunbirds are well represented. There are many more that come down and up here from Europe and Southern Africa, Tanzania is probably one of the greatest places on the planet for birders. From the gigantic Marshall eagle to the delicate sunbird, the elusive Shoebill to the omnipresent Marabou, there is certainly something to please any keen twitcher! Led by excellent guides specialized in Bird life, 14 Days Tanzania Birding Holiday safari will visit some of the most interesting areas in Northern Tanzania focusing into different habitats and ecosystems. 14 Days Tanzania Birding Holiday is a true safari for keen naturalists, for people interested in something else than just viewing wildlife from the comfort of their vehicle. For birders, 14 Days Tanzania Birding Holiday in Northern Tanzania offer the chance to happily combine top-level African birding, featuring a very rich avifauna that includes a whole series of endemics and other regional specialties, with some extraordinary mammal-watching that just happens to coincide with the best birding route through this marvelous part of the world!