14 days kenya safari and seychelles beach

14 Days Kenya Safari and Seychelles Beach Combine the perfection of a Kenyan safari and the exoticness of a Seychelles beach holiday with this exclusive cross-country itinerary. This 14 Days Kenya Safari and Seychelles Beach journey presents idyllic moments in the surf and reflective game drives through the wilderness, both offering their own brands of relaxation and wonder. 14 Days Kenya Safari and Seychelles Beach takes to tow different sort of wildlife habitat, in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. On Mahe, in the Seychelles, you’ll snorkel with turtles, reef fish and octopus – and even spot whale sharks. Or simply laze on a pristine white beach. Kenya is the classic safari destination and excellent for a first introduction to Africa. Accompanied by your own private guide, you will enjoy endless game drives for the national parks, looking for the Big 5 and other animals. In consultation with the guide, you determine at what time you want to start and end the day, how long you want to stand at a water spot without being disturbed by the travel pace of others. The Seychelles have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sandy beach, clear blue sea. In consultation we add the perfect beach extension in a small-scale resort, boutique hotel, budget hostel, or private villa. Ask us about the possibilities!