14 days kenya family vacation holiday

14 Days Kenya Family Vacation Holiday expedition kicks of in the wildlife capital of the world, Nairobi. The 14 Days Kenya Family Vacation Holiday expedition combines the thrill of exploring the most renowned game reserves, destinations, and museums in Kenya. It encompasses the delightful diversity of Kenya’s National Parks, the extraordinary Wildebeest migration, the vast open plains, and rolling grasslands of Masai Mara. We have planned the trip to give you the best safari holidays with accommodation at the very best camps and Lodges. Оur 14-Dаys Аll-Inсlusivе Кеnyа Fаmily Vасаtiоn Расkаgе is dеsignеd tо рrоvidе the орроrtunity tо the fаmiliеs ехресting аn оff-thе-rоаd gаmе drive аnd оuting in а nаturаl wildlife lаndsсаре. Тhе расkаgе оffеrs sоmе оf thе mоst vаriеd, еngаging аnd ехсiting fаmily hоlidаys! An exciting 2-week bush and beach African safari package in Kenya. The trip begin with safari in Kenya’s Amboseli National park, Lake Nakuru Park and Masai Mara Game Reserve.14 Days Kenya Family Vacation Holiday expedition This 14 Days Kenya Family Vacation Holiday expedition is ideal for parents traveling to Africa with their children/kids especially for a summer holiday in the year 2023. This unique and exciting 2023 summer holiday safari has practical activities that will enable your children to interact with nature and the locals. Moreover, the activities that are ideal for children will include but not limited to visiting an elephant orphanage, visiting giraffe center, boat ride, and games drives in Kenya's spectacular nature reserves among others. Join this 2023 dream summer safari holiday vacation with your family in Kenya East Africa! All meals and drinks are not included in your 2023 family summer holiday safari, in Nairobi we have Bed & Breakfast, on safari we have full Board. On the last day of your African family safari holiday can enjoy optional lunch at Carnivore Restaurant which barbecue experience is also described as "meat eaters paradise" and it may become your Africa's greatest eating experience. In Kenya, standards of hygiene in hotels and lodges are high.14 Days Kenya Family Vacation Holiday expedition Salads are safe at international hotels and lodges and fruits you can peel are the safest to eat. Tap water in Nairobi is not safe to drink, use bottled water. Ice too is safe in Nairobi. However, if you are outside of Nairobi, please purchase mineral water or use filtered water found in carriers in most hotels and lodges. The local Kenyan beer is an ideal thirst quencher too.