14 Days Africa Big Cat Safari Vacation Holiday

14 Days Africa Big Cat Safari Vacation Holiday Photographic Tour really put YOU into great experience. The 14 Days Africa Big Cat Safari Vacation Holiday, we'll get you the best seats for the theatre. You're close enough to hear the strangled yelp, or the crunch as a jaw rips through bone. You watch black and white limbs getting torn from carcasses and smell the drama when a leopard is prowling. Just sit back and watch nature's drama unfold during your 14 Days Africa Big Cat Safari Vacation Holiday. 14 Days Africa Big Cat Safari Vacation Holiday Tour main focus of this big cats photographic safari is to go out in search of the three BIG CATS. We will sit patiently with them as they rest and move with them when they move. Filmmakers spend countless hours waiting for predators to do something, and are often rewarded for their patience. The MAIN focus of this trip will be on photographing and spending as much time with the Big Cats as possible (Lion, Cheetah & Leopard) There will also be opportunities to photograph other animals, but the MAIN focus will be on Big Cat photography. 14 Days Africa Big Cat Safari Vacation Holiday Photographic Tour includes accommodation in a hotel, an expert guide, insurance, meals, transport.14 Days Africa Big Cat Safari Vacation Holiday Experience A leopard draped across an acacia branch, a cheetah nursing her cub in the high grass, a lion's mane fluttering on the breeze...of all the wild mammal experiences, it's the big cats that really get the heart going. And you're not just admiring them in repose - you'll be seeing them in iconic prowling mode, seeking their prey and basking in the sunlight. Discover Africa's abundance of this species. The big cats epitomize the theater of an African safari. Lions are the easiest to find, the landscape's monarchs loving to bask in the open. Leopards and cheetahs are solitary and they love to hide, meaning many people will drive past a tree or floodplain and miss them. So we take pride in finding camps with the best safari guides. They spot the clues in an instant, then bring you closer until the proximity is unfathomable. Then there are the snarling hyenas, which might not be pretty but they're certainly exhilarating, especially when battling with young lions.Witness these magnificent animals in close proximity. Most African safaris are big cat safaris. Just remember, it's rare that you see the big cats in isolation. They might be stalking a zebra herd, creeping close to baboons, or warding off circling vultures. You won't see it all in a single game drive though. An authentic big cat safari requires a few days as these are not commonplace sights. Ideally, we would recommend a week in order to enjoy the full beauty and drama of these majestic animals. The wildlife ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa is defined by its charismatic, diverse, and distinctive presence. You can witness the effortless grace and timeless beauty of iconic wildlife during an African big cat safari as you experience the heart of undulating hills, eternal plains, and dense forests. Our travel specialist can help you plan the perfect African Big Cat Safari that takes you from lush oases to a surprising desert scape in search of a bone-rattling lion’s roar or the lingering gaze of a curious leopard. People come from all over the world to see lion, leopard and cheetah – the biggest felines on the African continent. A safari is hardly complete without seeing at least one of these amazing predators in the wilderness. When searching out the big cats, it’s also important to look out for the smaller yet equally fascinating serval and caracal. Seek out these incredible predators in their natural environment