13 Days Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package

13 Days Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package is the ultimate safari experience in Kenya. This 13 Days Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package offer to the traveler the connection he needs with nature and experience firsthand interaction with nature. When was your last great family vacation? 13 Days Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package is a trip when your kids clamored to your room to wake you up filled with the excitement of today’s excursions. 13 Days Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package is a journey filled with sights you’d never believe and experiences you’ll never forget. With this once-in- a-lifetime adventure to Kenya, there’s never been a better time to refresh yourself. While all is done in this epic 13 days Kenya safari for sure you will one day come back for Kenya Masai Mara safaris.13 Days Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package The 13 Days Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package explorer is then combined with a luxury Big 5 wildlife safari in Kenya’s unique Masai Mara National Reserve, where you experience the precise best of East Africa’s big game wildlife watching. You can also get to enjoy ballooning safari in Masai Mara at an extra fee of course. The stay can be arranged in either a tented camp or a lodge of your choice, depending on your own sense of travel style and adventure. From great herds of elephant to endangered rhinos, grazing zebra and racing wildebeest to the stealthy felines that pursue them, Kenya's wildlife is abundant and thrilling. Watch a cheetah sprint across the savanna, or study the green glow of a hyena’s eyes at night. Get amazingly close during game drives from our secluded camps, situated deep within the bush. Cultural visits are also a highlight, as you meet local Maasai herders and experience their unique customs and traditions. In a world of rapidly vanishing natural treasures, the chance for a family to experience the wonders of Africa together is an unsurpassed gift.13 Days Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package If you have been dreaming of taking a safari holiday in Kenya, then this 13 Days Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package explorer comes in handy. The Kenyan safari tour visits some of the Kenya’s most beautiful parks. For instance, Amboseli, Mount Kenya, Samburu Game Reserve, Ol Pejeta Conservancy and sanctuary for the chimpanzee, Lake Nakuru popular with flamingos and finally, the world’s most popular safari destination, The Maasai Mara Game Reserve. That is to say, a trip to Kenya safaris in East Africa is never complete without including Masai Mara National Reserve. The 13 days Kenya safari combines a stay in Masai Mara for a guided tour.Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package With its vast swathes of Savannah grasslands and a snow-capped equatorial mountain, Kenya is in every aspect a geographical wonder. It is a hotspot of the Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, and buffalo) that is something of a mantra for many first-time visitors to Africa. Kenya is also blessed with a photogenic coastline that is drenched in ancient history and culture. This lethal combination of wildlife, history, and white-sand beaches makes Kenya Africa’s leading theater for wildlife safaris and beach holidays. The safari package is well customized for African wildlife adventure safari across the best of Kenya parks. Kenya safari itinerary is open for safari bookings by individuals, groups, and even couples and guaranteed of meeting other tourists booked for the same Kenya and Tanzania safari tours or just similar.