13 days kenya luxury golf

13 Days Kenya Luxury Golf Safari Tour Holiday offers the most beautiful, challenging and suitable courses for golfing safaris in Kenya. 13 Days Kenya Luxury Golf trip covers the essences of golfing in Kenya and is interspaced with unique safari experiences, both wildlife and beach holidays. Conducted by professionals throughout; this golfing safari is in a class of its own. You travel to some of the top golf courses in Kenya, play golf in spectacular beach-side golf courses with water-sports and other sea-side activities adding to the adventure of Africa Golf Travel. Flying to some of the most iconic wildlife locations between your leisure golf activities you truly experience the tour of a lifetime. It is also possible to tailor regular safaris to include rounds of golf or even stays at purpose built golf resorts in Nairobi and at the coast. Ardent golfers say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Thankfully, Kenya is mostly about excellent weather and even better Golf Courses. It seems as though the match between these two was made in Safari heaven. On the one hand, Kenya is a country renowned globally for her intensely gorgeous Safari destinations and on the other; Golf is by far the world’s best traveling sport.