11 days motorcycle tour

11 Days Motorcycle Tour, 11 days’ motorcycle tour is an amazing riding experience. 11 Days Motorcycle Tour is an adventures for the free spirit travelers. Join our 11 Days Motorcycle Tour for an amazing ride to explore wonderful places of Kenya. Start your engine and plan to experience the adventure as you ride a BMW. The joy will not stop just right there. Don't forget to witness the great wildlife that Kenya has to offer. Maasai Mara and Samburu National Reserve will be your unforgettable destination in this tour. Come and ride with pride! On this our 11 Days Motorcycle Tour trip you will discover valleys, winding mountain roads, jungles, plains with views of the Great Rift Valley, animal reserves and many sports activities. Kenya is full of fine national parks and cultural tradition with amazing harmony. You will be amazed by the breathtaking views of the immense mountain ranges that we will see on our bikes. Few countries in Africa offer as much nature to the motorcycle traveler as this magical country located in East Africa. There’s no denying motorcycle road trips can be a fun-filled adventure. But for motorcyclists, road tripping is not as simple as gassing up the car and heading off to your destination. There’s also a big difference between motorcycling along a local highway on a Sunday afternoon and traversing hundreds of miles on a cross-state journey.