11 Day Mount Kenya Trek

11 Day Mount Kenya Trek, Mount Kenya Climbing, Trekking and Hiking Tours, Get ready for one of the best treks in Africa! Embark on this amazing 4-day journey to climb Africa’s second highest mountain - Mount Kenya. Hike via the scenic Sirimon Route and enjoy a stunning sunrise at Point Lenana, the “trekkers’ summit”. Climb Africa’s second highest mountain standing at 5,199m, Enjoy a spectacular sunrise with views over Mt Kilimanjaro, Admire Kenya’s large variety of wildlife and unique plants, Hike through the region’s diverse landscapes. Mount Kenya is without doubt, a beautiful mountain and the climb to the trekkers peak at Point Lenana (4,985m) is claimed by many to be the superior to climbing Kilimanjaro. The Sirimon Naro-moru route is justifiably the most popular on the mountain. The climb up Sirimon is well paced with wonderful scenery, whilst Naro-Moru offers the quickest and easiest route down. Sirimon Naro-Moru can be done in 4 days, but to aid acclimatisation an extra day at Shipton’s Camp is always wise.