10 Days Tanzania Bird Watching Safari

10 Days Tanzania Bird Watching Safari, 10 Days Tanzania Bird Watching Safari Express are meant to offer an un-beatable birding experience to visitors. 10 Days Tanzania Bird Watching Safari is an African Birding Tour covering diverse birdlife, wildlife and world famous sites such as the Ngorongoro Crater, the vast Serengeti National Park, flamingo haven Lake Manyara National Park, the baobab filled Tarangire National Park. 10 Days Tanzania Bird Watching tour is a private guided tour for groups between 1-6 person per car per guide all with guaranteed window seat.  Your 10 days Tanzania safari is a 9 nights 10 day safari in Tanzania tour, offering you superb bird watching and wildlife viewing experiences in Tanzania’s classic northern circuit safari destinations: Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire National Park. During this 10 days Tanzania safari bird watching & wildlife tour, you have a great chance to marvel at some of the highest concentrations of wild animals to be found anywhere on our planet, including millions of Wildebeests, Gazelles, and Zebras; many Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs; huge herds of elephants, buffalos, and Giraffes, as well as Black Rhinos, Hippos, Hyenas, Jackals, Crocs, Waterbucks, Warthogs, Impalas, and much more!10 Days Tanzania Bird Watching Safari Arusha National Park has prolific forest bird life including Narina trogon and bar-tailed trogon while Mkomazi National Park has over 400 bird species such as the striking martial eagle and violet wood-hoopoe. In the Usambara Mountains over 500 species have been recorded including the endemic Usambara weaver, Usambara akalat and the Usambara eagle owl. There is also fantastic wildlife to see along the way on game drives and walking safaris. You also have a great opportunity to see Tanzanian endemics and specials bird species such as Fischer’s Lovebird, Yellow-collared Lovebird, Ashy Starling, Grey-breasted Spurfowl, Rufous-tailed Weaver, Beesley’s Lark, Flamingos, White-bellied Go-away-bird, Grey-crested Helmetshrike, Secretary bird, Bateleur, Kori Bustard, Lappet-faced Vulture, and Golden-winged Sunbird, all this amidst spectacular scenery in one of Africa’s wildest, most stable and least spoilt destinations! This 10-day Tanzania safari bird watching & wildlife tour can be customized to suit your interests, please let us know how you want it and we shall give it to you beyond your expectations.10 Days Tanzania Bird Watching Safari Tanzania boasts a bird list of 1,038 species, the 3rd biggest in Africa. Eight of the 10 families’ endemic to mainland Africa are present. Raptors, plovers, parrots, turacos, bee-eaters, barbets, starlings, weavers, pipits and sunbirds are well represented. Led by excellent guides specialized in Bird life, this safari will visit some of the most interesting areas in Northern Tanzania focusing into different habitats and ecosystems. This is a true safari for keen naturalists, for people interested in something else than just viewing wildlife from the comfort of their vehicle. The best birding spots are the Acacia woodlands, plains of Sinya, the Mountain Forests of Arusha National Park and Ngorongoro, the Baobab country in Tarangire, the Rift Valley escarpment and the forests at Lake Manyara and the Serengeti Plains in search of the most interesting bird species.10 Days Tanzania Bird Watching Safari Tanzania is one of the finest bird watching destinations in Africa, with 1140 species including 200 migrants and 74 marine birds present. Tanzanian avian safaris are best in the rains for migrants and residents in breeding plumage. The preeminent birding locations include Arusha National Park, with 400 birds in a diversity of habitats contained in a small area. You may observe on a white-faced whistling duck, with its whistling three-note lament, or a dusky flycatcher. Tawny eagles and buzzards hover above Ngurdoto Crater, whilst the Momella Lakes is the place for water birds and waders. Lake Manyara National Park offers pink flamingos, pelicans, storks, cormorants, hornbills and many more with over 400 recorded species. Greater and lesser flamingos are also found in Ngorongoro Crater and millions mass on their breeding ground at Lake Natron.