10 Days Kenya Birding Tour Safari

10 Days Kenya Birding Tour Safari, Bird watching Kenya safari – 10 Days Kenya Birding Tour Safari package explores the best bird watching destinations in Kenya from Nairobi returning from Nairobi. Kenya is a prime destination for a Birdwatching holiday. 10 Days Kenya Birding Tour Safari Holidays Experience is one of its own Kind that will blow off your mind within a few minutes. Birding Tour Safari Holidays will engage you in a birding experience of a lifetime. The locations and destinations have been carefully selected to give you an opportunity to see some of Kenya’s best mammal and birding parks that are filled with nature’s wonders. The 10 Days Kenya Birding Tour Safari comprises of a diverse range of habitats that support a great diversity of bird species – and makes a bird-watching holiday in Kenya very rewarding! From the world’s biggest bird, the Ostrich, to spectacular flamingos that congregate in their millions at the various Lakes of the Great Rift Valley and camouflage them in pink, Kenya holds some remarkable birding sights that you have to see them believe. With eleven percent of the world’s species – some 1089 different varieties, Kenya’s birding is one of the best in the world. It is not unusual for birding trips to record 300-600 different varieties on a short trip or to record more than 120 at a particular site on a single day. Kenya’s national parks make excellent centers for bird watching in Kenya. The diverse range of habitats supports a great diversity of bird species – and makes a bird watching holiday in Kenya very rewarding! Join us today for a great 10 Days Kenya Birding Tour Safari Holidays experience tracking the birding species in the great rift valley lake and Masai Mara walking safari tours visiting Azure hotel for the first night accommodation in Nairobi, Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria, planet mat, and Masai Mara National Park. Kenya Birding Tour Safari Holidays Experience 10 Days Kenya Birding Tour Safari Holidays for iconic Lake Nakuru National Park and Masai Mara (birds) safaris including bird sightings of the flamingo’s, little egret, greater Blue-eared starling, heron and a white pelican with encounters of both resident and migratory birds. A perfect birding safari holidays in Kenya for both birdlife & wildlife including; Cape buffalo, leopard, zebra, eland, waterbuck and lion Birdwatching is rewarding everywhere in Kenya. For dedicated birdwatchers, a well-planned two-week itinerary is likely to result in a trip list of 350–400 species, a figure that compares favorably with anywhere in the world. Kenya offers excellent birdwatching throughout the year, but the prime season runs from October to March, when resident populations are boosted by Palearctic migrants. This also broadly coincides with Kenya’s rainy season, when several resident species shed their drab eclipse plumage in favor of bright breeding colors. 10 Days Kenya Birding Tour Safari Holidays, from soda lakes to fresh water wetlands – to high altitude and low altitude grasslands, bush and standard savannah to ancient woodland habitats – you will see incredible birdlife as well as other taxa of animals and plants. Big game will be encountered in plenty, including many rare and unique species. This tour has the intention of making you fall in love with Kenya just like we all have – a truly once in a lifetime birding experience that will leave your heart in Africa! Kenya is one of only 15 countries globally where more than 1,000 bird species have been recorded, and it lies third on the African avian diversity list after DR Congo and Tanzania. This list includes the world’s two largest birds (common and Somali ostrich, now regarded as separate species) and its bulkiest flying creature (Kori bustard), along with a wealth of raptors and a dazzling array of colorful bee-eaters, turacos, parrots, rollers and passerines.