Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour packages

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour packages offers guests the trip of a lifetime. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour packages unforgettable combination of scenery, superb game viewing, excellent hospitality and conservation education. Your Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour packages takes place in the Laikipia region of the Central Highlands. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is set at the foot of Mt Kenya and easily accessed by air and road. This Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour packages trip is recommended for solo travellers, couples, honeymooners, and families. Starting in Nairobi, it moves on to two superb safari areas, explored from high-quality properties that offer a great range of things to do!

Lewa is a prime sanctuary on Laikipia Plateau. It is known for its outstanding conservation record and development work in the local community. It is one of the best places in Kenya to see the Big Five. Sightings are common of both black rhino and white rhino, and it’s also a stronghold for the endangered Grevy's zebra. Located in northern Kenya, Lewa Conservancy is home to various wildlife and incorporates the extensive Ngare Ndare forest. The wildlife conservancy is an award-winning model for offering alternative Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour package activities and preserving the endangered black rhino. Lewa Downs is a sustainable tourism model with excellent success history in the world.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour packages

Lewa Downs is an exclusive safari destination for many years, but was made famous when Britain’s Prince William proposed to Catherine Middleton there in 2010. It is considered to be one of the greatest conservation success stories in the world and is a model for sustainable tourism. Another event the Conservancy is famous for is the Safaricom Marathon, an annual event held to raise money for the Conservancy’s environmental initiatives.

Unlock the mesmerizing secrets of the adventurous wilderness of Kenya on a Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour packages trip to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. On this Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour trip, explore the rarest wildlife sights of Kenya and wave hello to the unique giant articulated giraffes, Grevy’s Zebras and Beisa Oryxes, along with magnificent black and white Rhinos on game drives with Lewa safari camp at Kifaru house. From fascinating wildlife walks in Lewa conservancy to splendid sunset views and bush picnics among the alive and exclusive fauna of the North equatorial region, have a perfect blend of a serenading and an enthralling holiday that will live in unique photographed memories!

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour packages

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy was a cattle ranch founded by the Craig family in the 1920’s through a colonial settlement program. In the 1980’s part of the ranch was converted into a sanctuary for Black Rhino whose numbers had been reduced to less than 300 due to poaching. In 1995 the Conservancy was founded and the area expanded to include the whole farm and part of the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour, in addition to The Big Five, is also a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour supports a myriad of plains game species all perfectly adapted for the semi desert environment and Grevy’s Zebra and the Reticulated Giraffe are common. Additionally, the lance-like horned Beisa Oryx and the rare Greater Kudu are seasonal visitors and the Guenther’s Dikdik, the giraffe-necked Gerenuk and the beautiful blue-legged Somali Ostrich are resident all year round.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour Packages Accommodation

Lewa Safari tented camp offers spectacular scenery and game viewing. It consists of 12 luxurious tents that are situated on raised platforms under thatched roofs. Each tent is fitted with electric lighting, large double bed and en-suite bathroom, including hot and cold running water and flush toilets. Lewa Safari Camp has a stunning location within Lewa wildlife / rhino conservancy with views to Mount Kenya. Each of Lewa Safari Camp’s en-suite tented rooms has a thatched roof with a verandah. The central areas combine a pool, gardens and dining rooms, and cosy log-fires make the sometimes chilly evenings comfortable and intimate.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour Packages Facilities

The safari camp, overlooking a floodlit waterhole, has a main lounge constructed of cede wood which houses the dining room, lounge and bar where guests can enjoy the view and good company and discuss the day’s safari in comfort. The central area has well maintained gardens with a large sunny verandah and a swimming pool in which to cool off during the day.

Your many game viewing drives are in customized pop top 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeeps. These safe and comfortable safari vehicles are open sided for unobstructed views. And because you’re in a private conservancy, there’s an extra bonus. Unlike in National Parks, where off-road driving is prohibited, at Lewa your guide can take you off the beaten path to get even closer to the game. In addition to your game drives, you’ll also have time to rest and take in northern Kenya’s scenic beauty, relaxing at your lodge or luxury tented camp. By visiting the Lewa/Borana landscape, you will not only be signing up for a great African adventure, you will also directly contribute towards wildlife conservation and community development.

Best Time to Visit Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for safari

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is among the tourist destinations in Kenya that offer great wildlife viewing all year round, however, because of the heavy rains, this can interfere with tourism in this part of the country. Nearly all the accommodations are closed during the wet season when the roads are almost impassable and that is especially in the months of April and November.

Safari game drives at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The best time however to visit is during the dry season that runs from the month of June to September. From June to October. The High tourist Season begins in June to October and then December to March. At that time, most of the accommodations are very busy. The Low Tourist Season begins in April, May and even in November with a number of lodges closing then. The Best Weather can be enjoyed from June to September as well as December to February when there is minimal rain.

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Best Seasons:Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Best Throughout the Year
Popular Location:Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Lewa Wilderness is situated within one of Kenya’s major private conservation successes, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, at the foot of Mt Kenya. Lewa Downs has been the Craig family home since 1924, when the Craigs came from England and began raising cattle here. Lewa Wilderness is the original family home of the Craigs and is still home to Will and Emma Craig, who host with their team of professional guides. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy; This is sheer adventurous Kenya Safari destination found in northern Kenya and was established in 1995 as a wildlife sanctuary incorporating the Ngare Ndare Forest, covering an area of about 62,000 acres ‘’250 square kilometers’’ of its low land. More so, conservancy is a home to wide range of wildlife species that can be explored by the travelers on their safari including; endangered black rhino, Grevy’s zebra and sitatunga as well as the big five mammals such as elephants, rhinos, lion, leopards and Cape buffaloes among others. However, Lewa is among the Kenya’s eastern black rhinoceros’ population and the largest single population of Grevy’s zebras in the world ranking with over 350 individuals. Moreover, the conservancy has made good partnership with a range of communities to the north who have given land for the preservation of wildlife species. Still it’s a developmental conservancy owning its education programs that has helped a lot on enforcing the standard of schools and students. Despite the fact, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy at the same time called Lewa Downs, lies in Meru county to south of Isiolo town but north of Mount Kenya, approximately 4 hours’ drive from Nairobi on the Thika Road. Today, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a haven for the rare and wonderful wildlife of the region while simultaneously offering one of the most exclusive and individualized safari experiences in East Africa.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour packages

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Safari Tour packages