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Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation or Big Cat Safari Tour Vacation in Africa itineraries can be tailor-made to suit your budget as well as your specific interests. Our Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation or Big Cat Safari Tour Vacation in Africa are conducted with optimum care to provide our customers with a truly memorable Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation experience. We strive to introduce you to the country, its culture, its people, as well as the wildlife. The thrill of seeing big cats in their natural environment is a guaranteed life-changing experience. From leopards in Masai Mara and serval cat in Tsavo National Park, to Lions in Serengeti, we’ve rounded up some of the world’s top travel spots for epic big cat adventures.

East Africa is by far the best destination to view big cats. It hosts more than half of Africa’s lion population and it’s not uncommon to see more than 100 individual lions in the central Serengeti in one day. There are also fantastic leopard areas, the Serengeti’s plains for cheetah and frequent serval and caracal sightings. The open plains and short grass make it far easier to find the big cats, compared to the dense bushveld vegetation of southern Africa.

Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation

The Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation or the Big Cat Safari Tour Vacation in Africa is the epitomize theater of an African safari. Lions are the easiest to find, the landscape's monarchs loving to bask in the open. Leopards and cheetahs are solitary and they love to hide, meaning many people will drive past a tree or floodplain and miss them. So, we take pride in finding camps with the best safari guides. They spot the clues in an instant, then bring you closer until the proximity is unfathomable on your Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation or Big Cat Safari Tour Vacation in Africa. Then there are the snarling hyenas, which might not be pretty but they're certainly exhilarating, especially when battling with young lions.

On Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation, we'll get you the best seats for the theater. You're close enough to hear the strangled yelp, or the crunch as a jaw rip through bone. You watch black and white limbs getting torn from carcasses and smell the drama when a leopard is prowling. Just sit back and watch nature's drama unfold. Created especially for wildlife enthusiasts, this exceptional Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation or Big Cat Safari Tour Vacation in Africa itineraries is centered around Kenya’s most scenic and wildlife-rich national parks. Delve deeper into the African bush on the wide open plains of the Amboseli National Park, with the spectacular Mount Kilimanjaro as your backdrop.

Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation

Witness these magnificent animals in close proximity during our Big Cat Safari Tour Vacation in Africa. Most African safaris are big cat safaris. Just remember, it's rare that you see the big cats in isolation. They might be stalking a zebra herd, creeping close to baboons, or warding off circling vultures. You won't see it all in a single game drive though. An authentic big cat safari requires a few days as these are not commonplace sights. Ideally, we would recommend a week in order to enjoy the full beauty and drama of these majestic animals.

Leopard - Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation

Known for their distinctive spots (or ‘rosettes’ as they’re actually called due to their rose shape) and graceful yet ferocious hunting style, leopards are one of the sought after ‘Big 5’ and the smallest members of the big cat family. While these majestic animals are hugely adaptable and found in almost any type of habitat across the globe, actually seeing one can be extremely difficult due to their stealth and camouflage skills. Largely solitary, shy and nocturnal, we’ve found 3 of the best places to spot those spots.

Lion - Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation

Perhaps the most iconic of African animals, lions form part of the ‘Big 5’ and are the most sociable of all the big cats, living in prides or groups of approximately 15 animals and working together as a group to hunt and protect their young. These majestic creatures spend much of their day napping; seeing a pride sprawled out in the grasslands or if you’re lucky a lioness on the hunt, is simply incredible. Here are our recommended spots for trying your luck.

Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation - Lion in the Masai Mara
Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation - Lions in the Masai Mara

Masai Mara-Serengeti Ecosystem, Kenya & Tanzania

Cheetah - Big Cat Safari Tour Vacation in Africa

These animals are seen most regularly in the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti in Tanzania. In fact, one group of cheetah were known to regularly jump onto the bonnets of safari vehicles in the Masai Mara! In addition, healthy populations can be seen in the Kruger National Park in South Africa and also in Linyanti and Moremi wildlife reserve regions in Botswana. For anyone wanting to understand cheetah on a closer basis, the three best ways of getting up and personal are: In Namibia, at Okonjima where one can spend time with habituated cheetah after they have been rescued from livestock farms, or go out with cheetah researcher scientist Dr Laurie Marker for a privileged, in-depth understanding of cheetahs.

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Known as ‘Big Cat Country’, the Serengeti Ecosystem, which spans northern Tanzania and southern Kenya, is home to the largest lion populations on the African continent and is one of the best places to see these powerful creatures. Each year, the legendary wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve attracts predators including lions, increasing your chances of spotting them in action.

These are some of the world’s deadliest, most beautiful and intriguing predators, but also among the most shy. And they need to be. Whether through poaching for their meat, skins and bones, habitat destruction or revenge for attacks on livestock, big cats and humans have a long, unhappy history. Given this wariness, you will be dependent on the skill and knowledge of your guides, so it’s lucky then that the holiday companies we work with seek out the very best for their tours.

Africa Big Cats Safari Vacation

Local guides know the terrain, they know where recent sightings have taken place so they can make an educated guess where they will appear next, and they also tend to have remarkable tracking abilities. But the finest guides offer a lot more than that. They possess a wealth of knowledge on everything from why a cat is behaving in a certain way to which plants local communities rely on for their medicinal qualities, and who those tracks in the snow might belong to.

A safari is a largely passive experience. You watch, wait and wonder. After hours of travelling through forest or steamy jungle, you may be rewarded with the briefest glimpse. A lion crossing the road a few meters from your jeep or just a short, dismissive glance from a leopard as it stalks between trees – chances are you’ll find you’ve been holding your breath throughout. Each of our popular itineraries can be tailor-made to suit your budget as well as your specific interests.

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Best Seasons:From June to November in Kenya and from January to April in Tanzania
Popular Location:One of the main reasons why so many travellers head to Africa each year is to witness the Big Cats in their natural habitat. It is becoming more and more popular under travellers, this is partially due to the current African safari prices. If you’re planning an African safari and want to see these beautiful species in the flesh, here are the top three places in Africa to see the Big Cats. Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, One of Africa’s most famous game reserves, the Masai Mara is home to an abundance of wildlife, making it an ideal African safari destination for travellers from all corners of the globe. The Masai Mara was also the base for BBC’s popular Big Cat Diary series, which featured the Marsh Lion Pride and various other cats such as leopard and cheetah. Big cats that can be found here: lion, cheetah and leopard. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania The Serengeti National Park is best known for being host to the wildebeest migration, however, the park is also a great place to go to for spotting the big cats of Africa.Apart from the Big Cats, the Serengeti is home to approximately 70 large mammal and 500 bird species, making a Tanzania safari a popular value-for-money travel option. Big cats that can be found here: lion, cheetah and leopard. South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, The South Luangwa National Park is well known for being a place full of exceptional lion and leopard sightings. Situated in the National Park is the Luangwa River, this river attracts a wide diversity of wildlife. The park is also known as the birthplace of the walking safari, a famous way to experience the African wildlife. Big cats that can be found here: lion and leopard

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