Africa Luxury Safari Holidays

Africa Luxury Safari Holidays are the main component of an African holiday. On an Africa Luxury Safari Holidays trip, the luxury comes first and foremost in the quality of wilderness, guides and safari experience. The prices get higher as you up the luxury; but good food, comfortable accommodation, excellent wilderness, good guiding and wildlife is the bare minimum on an Odyssey safari.

Africa is home to the world’s most spoiling, luxurious, intimate and exclusive yet astonishingly wild holiday destinations in the world. Africa luxury safari holidays history of evolution is etched across over 50 diverse countries. Its contemporary cultures and vibrant traditions are a world apart, and the variety of landscapes include tropical islands, bustling cities, vast savannahs and dense rainforests and, of course, the magnificent wildlife here ensures that Africa Luxury Safari Holidays is at the top of so many people’s bucket lists.

Your tailor-made Africa Luxury Safari Holidays can take you from the world-famous Great Migration of the Masai Mara national park, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ngorongoro Crater not leaving behind the Serengeti National park. Our specialist tour planners will help to personalize your Africa Luxury Safari Holidays adventures. Our guides will also help you seek out the finest vantage points for game-viewing or placing you right in the center of the action during game drives.

Africa Safari Bookings Advisor will make sure it’s all exactly as you have imagined it to be, whether you’ve pictured a vintage Hemingway-esque safari experience or something more contemporary. Of course, in the background, chefs will prepare delectable meals from fresh ingredients, and your sundowner glass will never be left empty for too long. Whether you want cultural insights, gourmet cuisine, wildlife adventures or pure relaxation, you can customize your luxury African safari holiday to suit your interests.

Africa Safari Luxury Holiday Package

It’s your safari – Africa Luxury Safari Holidays is waiting.

You’re in the African bush. A lion roars in the distance, hippos are submerged in a nearby waterhole, and you’ve just seen a herd of elephant march in a line across the plains, silhouetted against the setting sun. Then, you arrive at a spot illuminated by lanterns, a table is set up for dinner and meat is sizzling on the grill. You’re handed a drink and soulful singing accompanies your sun downer. This is the kind of experience an Africa Luxury Safari Holidays can bring.

Add to that camps and lodges that redefine the concept of a tent, where you have your own pool and a deck that provides a front-row seat to wildlife. And, your stay is sprinkled with extra touches, from the intimacy of private game drives, bush walks and boat trips to the guides whose knowledge, passion and personalities make each day memorable. From the dusty tents of explorers to exquisite eco-lodges, Africa Luxury Safari Holidays has come a long way in the past hundred years without losing any of its romance and adventure.

Today, many tented camps mirror the grandeur and opulence of days gone by, while others have completely reinvigorated the safari lodge, offering a brand new take on African aesthetics, authenticity and luxury. You will not find the most luxurious lodges Africa has to offer in a quick internet search, but from the experts who have scoured the African wilds to find the most luxurious yet authentic experiences on the continent.

When it comes to safari, luxury doesn’t always mean big 5-star hotels with all the mod cons but is better characterized by intimate (yet very indulgent!) home-away-from-homes in undeniably magical locations.  Every country in “safari Africa” has luxurious lodges – even in the most basic sense safaris tend to be very luxurious. Even the least expensive lodges in Africa offer a different level of exceptional hospitality which you cannot easily find anywhere else in the world. However, there are some lodges which almost redefine the meaning of luxury accommodation…

Africa Luxury Safari Holiday

Luxury safaris are the main component of an African holiday. The luxury comes first and foremost in the quality of wilderness, guides and safari experience. The prices get higher as you up the luxury; but good food, comfortable accommodation, excellent wilderness, good guiding and wildlife is the bare minimum on an Odyssey safari. As the costs go up, of course quality does naturally increase, but as does the added extras like private pools, spas, gyms and anything you could ever imagine… And probably more!

The immense spaces of East Africa beckon with their animal-rich savannahs, snow-capped mountains, and beguiling ancient cultures. This is where the African safari came to be, land of the big cats, the great primates – gorilla and chimpanzee, and home to the mighty rhino and great tusked elephant. Look to East Africa’s western skies for fiery sunsets and the epic Rift Valley formations, of towering Mt. Kilimanjaro, snow-peaked Mt. Kenya, and the lush realm of the Ngorongoro Crater. Here in the cradle of civilization, we invite you to meet and get to know the Maasai and Samburu tribes in Kenya, the gracious folk of Tanzania, the ever-striving citizens of Rwanda, and the always welcoming Ugandans.

When thinking of East Africa, you may picture its rolling hills, riverine forests, and sprawling landscapes, but the beaches, islands and marine parks you’ll find here just may be the world’s finest. This is a spectacular world just waiting for your discovery. The land, the wildlife and the people of East Africa are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere on our planet. Lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, gorillas, chimps and monkeys – they are all here in unending abundance. Our wildlife parks specialize in sightings of your favorites. For the BIG CATS roaming the Savannah or lazing about in the trees.

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