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Africa Holiday Travel Blog features a collection of articles ranging from updates from the bush, safari stories, travel tips and advice, conservation matters, industry gossip and insightful news and reviews about travel in East Africa. With contributions by travel experts with a passion for Africa, you will be inspired, informed and prepared for your next Africa adventure say Africa Holiday Travel Blog editors.

We know Africa better than anyone else – here’s our best planning advice and travel information.  Africa is such a vast and diverse continent, a traveler planning their next adventure could quickly become overwhelmed with options. Thankfully, there are those who came before us to help guide the way. We checked out must-read blogs that will help you craft the perfect adventure.

Amazing Africa Travel Blog

Amazing Africa Holiday Travel Blog You Should Follow. Africa is a continent filled with beautiful people, breathtaking landscapes, and unique wildlife. Despite all that it has to offer, there is a lack of information about travel on the continent. Many are lead to believe that it cannot be done and that there is nothing worth traveling for in Africa and that’s where Africa Holiday Travel Blog come in.

Africa Holiday Travel Blog – Africa, a Dream Destination

However, for some travel enthusiasts, Africa is a dream destination filled with soul, wildlife, adventure, landscapes, and charisma. These travelers all share their passion for travel through video, photographs, informative guides, and stories. It’s all in an effort to lift the veil on Africa and share the beauty that awaits fellow travelers. We realized recently that despite regularly following and using several blogs for information when we traveled around Africa, we realized there was no complete list.

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Africa Holiday Travel Blog - Game Drive in Masai Mara North
African Travel Blog – Game Drive in Masai Mara North

Our expert guides: guiding you every step of the way

As anyone who has ever been on safari knows, the role of a guide is fundamental to the quality of the Safari experience. We’re extremely proud of how our renowned team of guides and naturalists consistently deliver impeccably high standards. Becoming a safari guide isn’t just a walk in the (national) park.

Each year around 500 hopefuls, some of whom already work in other roles at Africa Safari Bookings Advisory Center, arrive in our offices with the dream of one day becoming a qualified guide. Over the course of three months, we look for candidates with the necessary spark, drive, and potential to make it as an Africa Safari Bookings Advisory Center guide. Only 20 candidates make it through to the next stage: our month-long foundation course.

Africa Holiday Travel Blog - Lion in The Wilderness

The multidisciplined foundation course consists of detailed lectures, first-hand experience in the national parks, 4×4 driving tests and intense field assessments, always under the watchful eye of Africa Safari Bookings Advisory Center’s most experienced guides. To reach the next step, the recruits prove their wildlife knowledge, guiding etiquette, safety protocols, vehicle handling, tracking and more. Of approximately 20 candidates, we hope to end the course with 12 to 14 new trainees.

Trainee guides are allocated a mentor in their resident camp for the season ahead. During the next month, they work a week each in the kitchen, restaurant, workshop and in housekeeping. This helps trainees to understand what it takes to create an overall Africa Safari Bookings Advisory Center camp experience.

Africa Holiday Travel Blog - Rhino In Masai Mara

For the rest of the year, trainees assist their mentor guides with tracking and spotting during game drives. Once they have proven their ability to manage dangerous animal and safety situations on safari and have a comprehensive knowledge of the fauna and flora of East Africa, they start doing airstrip transfers, allowing them to put their skills into practice one-on-one with guests. Both time in the bush and theory is vital to pass the exam, which tests them on mammals, birds, botany, astronomy, tracks, signs and more. If they prove successful at the end of the year, they will finally graduate to Junior Guide level and will begin leading game drives on their own. Then the hard work really starts!

Africa Holiday Vacations Destinations

Best Time to visit Kenya for safaris

The best time to visit Kenya for Safaris and Holidays, is from January to April and June to November, during the drier hot months. During this month the vegetation is low, and short and making it easy to enjoy wildlife sightings. These months are the best due to the hot and dry climate that favors wildlife activities.

If you visit Kenya during the months of January to March, you will enjoy amazing wildlife sightings from Masai Mara to Samburu and Amboseli. Bits cats are always out looking for food, while other wildlife species are enjoying the green grass that grew due to the short rains of November to December.

The best time to visit Amboseli and view Mount Kilimanjaro views is between January and March. The mountain has lots of snow, the weather is hot, and the vegetation is green, making the perfect time to visit Amboseli to have these magical views. Elephants are in plenty too, while spotting big cats is easy as well.

While Amboseli is best from Jan to March, the best time to Visit Masai Mara is from June to October of every year when the weather is hot and dry, just after the long rains that start in March ending in June. The best time to see the wildebeest migration and crossings in Masai Mara is between June to October, which is peak season in Kenya.

A beach holiday in Kenya is a vital and important aspect of your holiday while in Kenya. Combining both your bush expeditions and a beach holiday, your vacation becomes complete. You would wonder when is the best time for a beach holiday in Kenya. Diani is Kenya’s leading beach and is always recommended to visit. Well, the best time to visit Diani is during the hot seasons, that’s in January to March and July to October, as well as December too.

Same to Tanzania, Kenya offers amazing hiking expeditions in mountains and hills. Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa and offers amazing climbing adventures who would want to conquer it. The best time to climb Mount Kenya is between January and March, and also between August and October to December.

We have done a complete month-to-month Kenya traveling guide on when is the best time to visit, which are the best activities to do in the different months and seasons. This guide will help you plan your Kenya Safari with ease.

13 Days Kenya Safari Holiday Tour Package

Best Time to visit Tanzania for safaris

Ideally, the best time to visit Tanzania is during the dry seasons of the Year. These seasons are also known as peak and high seasons. That’s between January and March which is the high season and July to October, which is known to be the peak season, this season coincides with interesting events that happen in Tanzania, like the calving of wildebeests in February and wildebeest migration and crossings in July to October.

Tanzania offers a wide array of safari activities that you can engage in at any time of the year. But the most important aspects that attract tourists to Tanzania are the wildlife sightings, the holiday in Zanzibar, and submitting of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The Best Time to go on Safari in Serengeti is between June and October of every year. As this is the best time to see the wildebeest migration in Northern Serengeti National Park.

You can as well visit Ngorongoro Crater in all seasons, but when is the best time to visit Ngorongoro Crater? It’s between Jan and March. When the wildebeests are busy giving birth in Ndutu, a lot of wildlife are also seen in Ngorongoro and this attracts lots of big cats since food is in plenty.

Visit Tanzania between January and March, to witness more than 8000 wildebeest calves being born daily. This is known as the start of a wildebeest life, as they look forward to conquering and trying to fight for their survival in the next few years they will live. It’s the best time to visit Tanzania, specifically the Ndutu Conservation Area, south of Serengeti.

You can as well be planning to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. With its own uniqueness and majestic views, this mountain offers an epic adventure to conquer at the right time. The Best time to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro is between Jan and March and between June to December. At least when the weather is not that wet, and not that hot.

Tanzania Safaris offers authentic safari experiences all throughout the year. Visit the famous Ngorongoro crater, or even the Tarangire National Park, or Fly to Zanzibar for a beach holiday, these can all be done despite rain or sun. But get the best facts to visit and plan accordingly to visit your desired destination in Tanzania.