Africa Tour Trip Safari Travel Packages

Africa Tour Trip Safari Travel Packages has so much to offer, from spectacular scenery, friendly people and cultural treasures to blissful beaches. Escape the everyday with our Africa Tour Trip Safari Travel Packages and vacation deals in the dusty African haze, admiring wondrous animals freely roaming in their natural habitat. Our best Africa Tour Trip Safari Travel Packages put you center stage in your own Attenborough documentary. Africa has a safari for every traveler – what will your travel story be? Africa Tour Trip Safari Travel Packages range from bucket-list adventures to ultra-luxurious vacations and everything in between.

Our Africa Tour Trip Safari Travel Packages are exclusive travel deals that are geared to take you on immersive travel adventures throughout the African continent without breaking the bank. Whether your dream is to traverse wild, iconic landscapes in search of the Big 5, reignite romance on a city escape, or simply connect with your loved ones in remote places, we have Africa Tour Trip Safari Travel Packages and the best deals for you.

Browse from a range of East African safari tour packages offering a wealth of wildlife, treks and natural experiences throughout Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Zanzibar. Whether you are looking to embark on a classic Kenya Safari, a combined Kenya & Tanzania Safari, a Gorilla trek experience in Uganda or Rwanda or a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya, Africa Safari Bookings Advisor will ensure your safari tour package is tailored to perfection.

Africa Tour Trip Safari Travel Packages

Africa is an amazing continent in which to view animals as it lends itself to being the natural home for many exceptional creatures. The word Safari is a Swahili word meaning journey. Today’s safari is an occasion to see but not harm the local wildlife. This can be experienced on an African safari by staying in upscale lodges as well as less expensive communal accommodation sharing very basic dormitory accommodation. It all depends on one’s travel style and budget.

In Africa, there are 1100 different species of animals and 2600 different bird species.  These numbers obviously are not going to be viewed in any one specific game park but there definitely will be a large enough number to thrill anyone on African vacations. By the way, Africa has the fastest, largest and strangest animals anywhere in the world. This also includes sadly, a number of endangered species.

Wherever you stay, most of your game viewing is pretty certain to be in a small vehicle with open tops. You will usually share it with several other safari-going participants. The average size of a safari vehicle can vary but the average is from 2 to 6 passenger vehicles.  Animals being dangerous might make you wonder if it is safe on an African safari surrounded by wild, sometimes ferocious and unpredictable creatures. In a safari vehicle, you are in the hands of a professional experienced driver/guide and will not experience any problems.

The professionalism and experience of the guide will be yours to benefit from as they will be not only knowledgeable but are trained to have almost a sixth sense as to where the animals are located or hiding.  Animals do not run away or hide from safari vehicles as they are so accustomed to the constant game drive vehicles in their territory following them around and not harming them in any way. They have no interest or concern in your safari vehicle.

Africa Tour Trip Safari Travel Packages

As a rule, there are three types of game drives on an African safari. During our Africa Tour Trip Safari Travel Packages, there is morning, afternoon and night drives. The morning game drive is usually taken early before the sun gets too hot as many of the animals tend to want to hibernate as the day gets hotter.  You will head off before breakfast which will be waiting on your return from the drive. You will not only have an enjoyable time but will really be ready for your first meal.

The afternoon game drive is usually taken later in the day when the sun is not so hot. This is the time to enjoy a pleasant experience called the Sundowner. This is set up by your driver/guide right in the middle of the bush or plain.  Your vehicle stops and he puts up a table laden with drinks and snacks. Jump down from your vehicle to enjoy a beverage while watching the sun go down over the spectacular and glorious African scenery. And what a perfect end to a day of a safari drive with game viewing.

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