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Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari is a classic African safari that provides the ultimate African photo tour. Our Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari Will Set you out on a photo safari amid some of East Africa’s most spectacular landscapes.  join us on a photo safari amid some of East Africa’s most spectacular landscapes and hone your skills while photographing an ever-changing tableau of wildlife.

Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari or Tanzania Photography Safari is Like No Other. Tanzania must be one of the most photographer-friendly destinations on the planet. From snow-capped mountain peaks to ‘Big Five’ safaris and dreamy tropical islands, Tanzania is basking in its newfound status of being a seriously hot photographic travel destination in Africa.

We are proud to offer a world-class Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari adventure to our cherished guests. Africa Safari Bookings Advisor has selected deluxe accommodations, delicious meals, expert local guides who have a deep knowledge of the terrain and wildlife, and top photographer guides who we are privileged to have on our team.

Imagine yourself in Africa along with our team of pro photographers as we explore the incredible national parks in our Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari. On our luxury safari photo tour, you will be in a very select group of at most three guests that will be paired with one of our pro photographer leaders and your local guide/driver who will treat you to all the inside knowledge that they have of the culture and wildlife of Tanzania. Along the way, you’ll take countless photos and hours of video that will become life-long memories of this epic journey.

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From the Serengeti plains and steep-sided Ngorongoro Crater to the flamingos of Lake Manyara and giant tuskers of Tarangire to idyllic Zanzibar and traditional Pemba to the wild landscapes of Ruaha, Katavi and Stiegler’s Gorge in the Selous… the list of iconic Tanzanian photographic destinations is almost endless. Mahale Mountains with its habituated chimpanzees and Lake Tanganyika location is another unique Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari destination, while the many mountains and volcanoes – from world-renowned Kilimanjaro to the restless Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano – ensure that this is a country that has photographers salivating at the mere thought of a visit.

Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari is best done from a private vehicle. Photographic safaris tend to be most successful when you have control over the vehicle and where it goes. A guide who is a photographer him-herself and who has guided photographers before makes a big difference in terms of positioning the vehicle correctly, getting the light right, and not wanting to head back to the lodge or camp simply because it’s breakfast time. If you can afford it, then it is definitely worth booking a private vehicle – for you (and your fellow photographers) – to ensure that there is no conflict of interests and that you are the master of your own Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari destiny.

Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari Photographers

We work with some of the most talented and experienced professional photographers in the business. Africa Safari Bookings Advisor goal is to provide you the opportunity to travel alongside and work elbow to elbow with photographers who will help you capture the incredible beauty our Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari destinations offer. Whether you’re new to photography or a professional looking to expand your portfolio, Africa Safari Bookings Advisor tour leaders will share invaluable techniques, knowledge, and experience gained over the course of their careers. Traveling the road with us means there will be lots of laughs, interesting stories and delicious meals where you’ll be treated like family and will leave with new life-long friends.


The most awesome wildlife spectacle on Earth? Serengeti is surely it! Serengeti and the adjacent, and almost equally famous, Ngorongoro Crater are so remarkable that one cannot do justice to this incredible place in words alone. Over two million large mammals live in this immense African wilderness that has miraculously survived, thanks to the remarkable understanding of the people of Tanzania, who despite all the pressures upon them have kept faith with the vision of the park’s founders.

These vast migratory herds still circulate around the Serengeti in the same way as they did when Man’s earliest ancestor’s walked these very plains, followed by their attendant carnivores in a cycle of life that has continued unbroken for millions of years. Staying in fabulous locations, in a comfort one hardly expects in a wilderness area, will get us right in amongst a fabulous selection of large mammals, including such dramatic and highly photogenic subjects as Lion, Leopard and the incomparable Cheetah, never mind a sea of gnus, zebras and gazelles.

Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania’s Crater Highlands.

The spectacular Ngorongoro Crater is both a scenic and a wildlife wonder of the world. The crater is just a small part of the vast Serengeti ecosystem (situated at its eastern edge) and yet here we will enjoy what will seem like an endless series of wonderful wildlife photography encounters during our Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari, many at very close range, as most of the wildlife in the crater has become extraordinarily unafraid of vehicles. Pride of place here amongst the photography possibilities goes to the critically endangered Black Rhinoceros, but other wildlife stars include Kori and Black-bellied Bustards, flocks of pink flamingoes, large groups of Olive Baboons, Ngorongoro’s Lions and Spotted Hyaenas, huge old tuskers and some marvelous Hippopotamuses.

After this wonderful experience we will descend from the Crater Highlands into the endless plains of the southeastern Serengeti. visiting the area at the prime season for wildlife photography, when the rains have usually turned the entire area from a parched thirst land into a green paradise that attracts over a million large mammals, the great majority being Blue Wildebeest, Common (or Plains) Zebras and Thomson’s Gazelles, to the shortgrass plains will be the peak of our Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari. Here we will be based first in the south-central part of Serengeti National Park and finally in the famous Lake Ndutu area, probably the finest Serengeti wildlife photography area of them all.

The rich wildlife of the Serengeti is awesome enough, but the whole photography experience is made even more special by the amazingly beautiful scenery, with dramatic cloudscapes and sunsets, seas of bright green and tawny grass, those evocative flat-topped acacia trees, and granite kopjes and distant mountain ridges rising above the plains.

What makes the Wild Images Serengeti Photo safari special?

The awesome gathering of the migratory wildebeest (or gnus) and zebras on the shortgrass plains of the southeastern Serengeti occurs between January or February and April each year, while much of the local birdlife comes into breeding plumage in March and April and the landscape becomes greener and much more photogenic as intermittent rain starts to influence the plains and brings out a host of wildflowers. March-April is absolutely the best time to visit the southern Serengeti for wildlife photography.

There is simply no comparison with some other times of the year. Often we see photography tours offered to this part of Serengeti at other seasons, including the end of the long dry season in September-October when animal numbers are just a fraction of what they are when we visit and when the backgrounds are, in our opinion, far less photogenic. Our Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari explores this amazing part of Tanzania in an extended, 8-seater Toyota Land cruiser that has been specially adapted for Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari work, and is ideal for photographers with its large roof hatch. The Tanzania Photographic Tour Safari is limited to just three participants and only one vehicle. Everyone has a window seat at all times.

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