Kenya Photographic Safari Package

Kenya Photographic Safari Package

Kenya Photographic Safari Package destinations set our travel souls ablaze. Kenya Photographic Safari Package offers photography safaris in Kenya that include the professional instruction and location selection that you need to create images beyond your highest expectations. Our Kenya Photographic Safari Package guides take you to finest locations that offer ample subject matter and potential composition.

Our photo tour guide also enlightens you about certain considerations, such as foreground, background, mid-ground, light, framing and composition. They point out elements to include that draw the eye into your final images, giving viewers a journey into the experience of your wilderness tour of Kenya. Kenya is the best all-round photo safari destination in East Africa with several world-class game reserves most notably The Masai Mara.

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Kenya Photographic Safari Package

Kenya wildlife photography is not just about the annual wildebeest migration and there are plenty of other amazing destinations and times of the year to visit Magical Kenya. Kenya Photographic Safari Package is designed for photographers of every level using equipment of all levels… including mobile phones.  A professional photographer will be with us the entire trip giving personal attention and support and helping us enhance our photos.

Kenya Photographic Safari Package an Epic Photographic Safari takes through Some of Africa’s Most Dramatic Landscapes. Have you dreamed of taking the ultimate Kenya Photographic Safari Package trip, to photograph some of Kenya’s most beautiful wildlife? Kenya is a highly photogenic country. The main point of interest for most photographers is the prodigious wildlife that inhabits the national parks and other reserves.

Kenya Photographic Safari Package

Our Kenya Photographic Safari Package concentrate on wildlife photography in one of Africa’s leading photo safari venues. Kenya is a dream destination for many photographers and in particular participating in a Masai Mara wildlife photography tour, at the time of the annual migration.

For dedicated photographers, there are several advantages to staying in private concessions or reserves such as those on the Laikipia Plateau and those that borders the Masai Mara. These private reserves are relatively costly to visit, but they tend to have better and more sympathetic guides, and the ability to drive off-road, combined with the lack of other tourist traffic, means you can stick longer with a good photographic subject, and usually get far closer to it, and line up better.

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Kenya Photographic Safari Package

“Photography” and “travel to Africa” are two activities that are inextricably linked together due to the stunning visual locations available, the magical African light and the variety of superb subjects to capture on film. This East African country offers the essence of an African wildlife photographic expedition, and besides the phenomenal wildlife, you can expect some of the most breathtaking landscapes in all of Africa.

The Maasai Mara National Reserve is a photographer’s haven as it is teaming with some of Africa’s most sought-after and quintessential wildlife and landscapes. As a year-round safari destination, each season has its own captivating show waiting for you!

Kenya Photographic Safari Packages

From November to February, the Mara is dazzling green and plays host to the calving season. Various antelope, Wildebeest and Zebra give birth, whose offspring become easy prey for the vast numbers of carnivores found in the reserve. This is also when predators themselves give birth and raise their own cubs and pups, thus having to provide food for their young. This season is dubbed Big Cat season due to the many predator and prey interactions, and combined makes for fantastic photographic opportunities. With less vehicle numbers during this “off” season, grab a front row seat as the Mara puts on a show between predator and prey.

Africa wildlife photo safari
Africa Wildlife Photo Safari, Cats of the African Wilderness

Considered one of the world’s greatest natural spectacles, the Great Migration sees over 1.5 million Wildebeests and thousands of Zebra and Gazelles traverse a continuous circular route from the Maasai Mara to the Serengeti National Park. River crossings are a product of the Great Migration where fierce battles with monster crocodiles are often had and carnivores sit and wait for the opportune moment. This season is when our Best of the Mara Migration Photo Safari takes place for these awe-inspiring scenes and is considered a bucket list item for many!

Photographic Safari Package

For those seeking a cultural photography experience, the untouched and hidden gem of Lake Turkana is a discreet oasis in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province. It’s tranquil and halcyon atmosphere is truly surreal, and perfect for the escapist photographer.

Africa Safari Bookings Advisor Lake Turkana Photo Safari will focus on the tribes residing on the shores of this World Heritage Site form part of the Nilotic tribes, the second largest pastoralist community in Kenya after the Maasai. The combination of colorful regalia and tribal dress code, unique lake shores and sand dunes, herds of camels and donkeys, will allow you to create intriguing images in a very remote setting.

In order to create the best possible photographic experience, we use only upmarket accommodations throughout our Kenya photography tours, and specially designed safari vehicles with pop-up roof hatches to optimize both game viewing and photography. Our small groups enjoy expert one-on-one on tutoring by a professional wildlife photographer and safari guide. Our Kenya photography tours are a truly one of a kind experience not to be missed!

Africa Wildlife Safari Tour
Africa Wildlife Safari Tour, Giraffes in the Masai Mara

A Private Vehicle During your Kenya Photographic Safari Package

Definitely one of the preferred options for many of our clients is simply to pay a supplement to have your own vehicle and driver for a few of the days of your Kenya Photographic Safari itinerary. Many of the guides are keen photographers themselves and so, while this is definitely for the more experienced photographer, they can offer help with positioning, apertures and other tips on photographer out here.

Africa Safari Bookings Advisor specialized safari vehicles are unique and assist you in every way to capture the perfect photograph. Africa Safari Bookings Advisor vehicles are kitted out with gimbal heads, air-conditioning, fridges, pouch storage and first aid provisions, seating a maximum of 3 photographers this is most likely as close to photographic Nirvana as it will ever get. Your professional Photo guide will be with you every step of the way making sure you get the best possible photographic results.

A Photography Workshop

Definitely aimed at the more amateur photographer, there are also photography workshop trips that are operated out of certain properties (such as Kicheche Main Camp and Rekero, both in the Masai Mara), that offer both a full, photographic safari, but with sessions in the evenings to run through some of the photos of the day and to offer expert advice on where photos and techniques can be improved.

Africa Safari Bookings Advisor Photography Lodges

More and more of the properties in Africa are recognizing the need to help photographers with the restrictive luggage allowances and the specialist equipment that is required for photography in Africa and so a few of them now offers things like specialist vehicles and even free use of long range photography lenses as part of their rates. This can, obviously, be a very big draw in your decision as to where to stay. Join Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association certified safari guides and professional wildlife photographers.

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6 Days Kenya Luxury Adventure Holiday Safari

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned photography enthusiast, we will make sure you have an amazing and life-changing safari experience! Single travelers, couples and groups are all welcome to come along for a photographic trip of a lifetime! All Africa Safari Bookings Advisor photo safaris have been carefully designed to maximize game viewing time and photographic opportunities. The locations have been chosen around the time of year when activity is heightened in the wild due to migrations and calving patterns, giving you the best animal encounters possible!

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