Africa Royal Luxury Safari Holiday

Africa Royal Luxury Safari Holiday is a classic favorite journey for the safari enthusiasts. Africa Royal Luxury Safari Holiday is an eclectic experience in art with some of the finest cuisine on luxury safari. Our Africa Royal Luxury Safari Holiday is an unforgettable experience. For families and friends traveling together, we provide an array of beautiful and private villas both on safari and in Africa Cities. Africa Royal Luxury Safari Holiday is an art we have spent decades perfecting.

The success of each safari is dependent on understanding and consistently surpassing your needs and expectations. Our Africa Royal Luxury Safari Holiday let your imagination take flight: the history of evolution is etched across over 10 diverse countries. Its contemporary cultures and vibrant traditions are a world apart, and the variety of landscapes include tropical islands, bustling cities, vast savannahs and dense rain forests. And, of course, the magnificent wildlife here ensures that a safari holiday in Africa is at the top of so many people’s bucket lists.

Your tailor-made Africa Royal Luxury Holiday can take you from the world-famous Great Migration of the Masai Mara to the immense spaces of the arid deserts of Namibia. You can experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ngorongoro Crater or South Africa’s legendary Kruger National Park. There is nothing quite like the early morning anticipation of joining a game vehicle and venturing out into the mist of the African bushveld.

Africa Royal Safari Holiday

The sights and sounds of the stirring wildlife, emerging sunrise, chorus of bird calls and deep bellows of hippopotamus, combined with the cooler morning air, create the most wonderful awakening! Whilst it is hard to leave your luxurious lodge, with its stylish modern comforts and sumptuous feasts, the call of the wild beats any more typical morning alarm call and the raw adrenaline beats any shot of caffeine!

With experiences ranging from water-based safari camps in lush Botswana, ancient desert sand dunes in Namibia, the vast open plains of Kenya and family-friendly adventures in malaria-free South Africa, there is a wealth of wildlife and landscapes to discover throughout Africa during your Africa Royal Luxury Safari Holiday.

Visit and discover Africa’s true wilderness through the stunning landscapes endowed with natural unspoiled beauty, culture and wildlife on a Luxury safari Experience. This is truly an unforgettable experience. The accommodation is really outstanding; from luxurious lodges to exclusive tented camps which also are near great spots for wildlife.

Our specialist guides will help to personalize your Africa Royal Luxury Safari Holiday adventures, seeking out the finest vantage points for game-viewing or placing you right in the center of the action. And we’ll make sure it’s all exactly as you have imagined it to be, whether you’ve pictured a vintage Hemingway-esque safari experience or something more contemporary.

Staying in private luxury lodges gives you chance to also get out of your safari vehicle for walking safaris which is an unforgettable experience, you are led by the Masai Guides. Some of the popular luxury safari lodges in Kenya include: Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp and the Giraffe Manor.

Africa Royal Luxury Safari Holiday

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