Africa Bird Watching Safaris

Africa Bird Watching Safaris offers some of the best birding tour in the world. Each of our Africa Bird Watching Safaris itineraries can be tailor-made to suit your budget as well as your specific interests. If you’ve ever considered taking the birding holiday of a lifetime, then choosing Africa as your birding tour destination might be a perfect choice.

With a wide range of exotic and beautiful birds to discover, across some of the world’s most diverse countries. There’s plenty to see and do for bird watchers of all types, from avid fans to relative newcomers. But with so much ground to cover, what birding Africa tour is the perfect match for you.

Africa Bird Watching Safaris, Birding Africa safaris, Africa is one of the best destinations on earth with diverse vegetation from semi desert, open Savannah, Rain forests to mountainous vegetation zoning that gives an added advantage to Birding trips. These harbors over 2300 bird species with an estimated number of 1561 counting around 67% are endemic with a majority found in East African countries: Tanzania comes first with 26 endemic bird species, Kenya second with 8, Uganda third and lastly Rwanda in East Africa.

Africa exposes one to great birding species from the smallest Humming birds to the giant Ostriches, rare species like the shoe bill Stork, African Quail-finch, Harlequin Quail, Red-winged Grey Warbler, Abyssinian Ground-thrus, Green-breasted and African Pitta, Black Bee-eater, Secretary birds. Birds of the prey that include different types of Vultures, Little Sparrow – Hawk, Goliath Heron, Joyful Greenbul, Wilcocks, kites, different kinds of Eagles, Hooded, Rupell’s Grifon among others.

Africa offers some of the best birding safaris in the world. Birds are an integral part of the African landscape. Even on an ordinary safari, you can expect to see colorful bee-eaters and rollers, proud eagles and ostriches. Because it’s dominated by open savannah rather than dense rainforest, Africa tops the list for seeing a large number of species in the course of an ordinary holiday.

Africa Bird Watching Safari Packages

Africa Bird Watching Safaris

Many leading African safari destinations boast a checklist of more than 500 bird species. These include Serengeti National Park (Tanzania), Kruger National Park (South Africa) and Queen Elizabeth National Park (Uganda). If you’ve been bitten by the birding bug, a specialist guided safari will maximize your sighting opportunities. Bird watching tours are everything a true bird lover’s heart desires.

Ornithologists, avian enthusiasts and like-minded twitchers looking for speckled feathered creatures will love the specialist Birding Safari in Africa that are tailored to your needs. We have experienced and know all of the finest locations and prime viewing times of the year to see the resident and migratory species that top your African birdwatching tour list.

Our guests step into real-world nature documentaries where millions of flamingoes swirl on algae-rich lakes like Natron, Bogoria and Nakuru to viewing raptors like eagles, buzzards, kites of Southern Africa soaring overhead in search for prey alongside scavengers like vultures fending off predators for tiny morsels of a recent kill. Hundreds of species are found at the best-protected areas as well as private conservancies, including rare, threatened and endangered species.

Your birding journal fills quickly as the bushes, trees, grasses and other flora hide brilliantly colored feathered birdlife. Our birdwatchers safaris take you to forests, woodlands, wetlands, lakes, swamps, river banks and other habitats where avi-fauna thrive. We know when the migrators characteristically arrive based on historic information and also from weekly to monthly reports from safari accommodations and our guides, as well as when specific behaviors occur, such as mating and nesting, specific to varied wildernesses.

Africa is recognized around the world for its birds as noted by the many Important Bird Areas on the continent with accessible and specialty birding countries being Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya with upcoming countries vying for recognition like Rwanda and Malawi.

Our ornithological guides skillfully locate them on their preferred resident ecology and also identify the species by sound and sight. You are enlightened and engaged by their vast knowledge of African avi-fauna. For recreational birders, some accommodations host birding walks and provide you with an identification card of local species. We coordinate all aspects of your birding safari, including recommendations on national parks, reserves and private conservancies, as well as camps and lodges where you can see many species, even from the comfort of your private verandah.

Africa Bird Watching Safaris Destination

The top African bird watching destinations for twitchers. Birding in Africa is so diverse and it’s done in the most scenic destinations of East African and southern countries. The first time traveller’s shouldn’t miss out on these fantastic destinations.

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris in Tanzania

The best alternative to enjoy Africa Bird Watching Safari, is to have a week safari in Tanzania. This is also a good country to visit if you give it at least two weeks if possible. By birding in Tanzania, you will enjoy variety of East African Endemics and almost over 20 endemics in the country. The famous birding destinations include Selous birding, Ruaha, Serengeti, Mahale, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Gombe, Tarangire, Arusha and Katavi. You will as well get chance to see your first Miombo (the south central African) endemic bird species Within Tanzania,

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris or Birding in Uganda

As you plan to explore Africa for your birding safari, we will help you enjoy most of the bird species found in Africa. You will get chance to encounter the shoebill stork, and the albertine rift endemics, as well as he green breasted Pitta. You will get chance to see the great Albertine or the western rift, the famous Bwindi Impenetrable national park that is famous for the mountain gorillas, the mighty source of the Nile found at Jinja, the biggest lake called Lake Victoria as well as the papyrus swamps that are well famous for the Shoebill stork, which is the most monstrous bird that is placed by many authorities in its order since it’s so different from any other species of bird on earth.

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris is South Africa

This is the most known country for the first time travelers to Africa and it’s an amazing country with variety of mountains, white and sand beaches and as well as wildlife. It’s known that the experience here is so wonderful and the birders always return as often as they can. These return even though they have seen all the bird species found in the area. This country is so big and it takes several weeks of birding in south Africa to get sighting these spectacular bird species.

South Africa is not so expensive and you can bird the whole country on a self-drive tour. The country has got variety of friendly and comfortable Bed and Breakfast lodges and Hotels. In order to enjoy yourself drive, it’s better to link up with a birding tour operator with in the country.

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris in Namibia

This is also a must visit country in Africa due to its uniqueness, it has got the world’s oldest desert including the highest sand dunes in the whole world. These have got spectacular red color, the other sand dunes come down the sea and the rugged desert mountains that are along the Namibian Escarpment, Rhinos and the desert elephants, it has also got one of the world’s greatest game parks; the Estosha National Park. This country has also got variety of bird species that are not found in any other part of the world and it’s also adjacent to Angola.

As you tour Namibia, you can pass by Botswana in order to see the Pel’s fishing Owl, which is one of Africa’s most liked bird, the Slaty Egret, which is an endemic specie and many more that are found in the panhandle of the great Okavango Delta. You will also be close to one of the beautiful and impressive water falls called Victoria Falls, having a 2 day to this site either from Zimbabwe or Zambia side is so worthwhile and will make you view many birds in this area. An 18 day Namibia birding day tour will make you adventure and explore Namibia, the Okavango and the Victoria falls. Those most interested in wildlife are welcome to this beautiful country since it’s filled with both small and large mammals. Namibia is also the “Gabon of southern Africa since it’s expensive and it’s not so good for bird watching.

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris in Madagascar the Birders Hub

This magnificent Island could have been Africa’s Number one birding destination, this is because it’s so unique and we call it “the Eighth Continent”. This Island is so separated from the rest of the African continent and needs to be birded by any interested birder. This island is also full of other wildlife like many endemic mammal families and the Lemurs are the most famous and charismatic, the area is also full of chameleons and many other species. You will enjoy birding in the Baobab- dotted spiny forests, the remote tropical beaches and in the stone forest of Tsingy.

This country is sometimes quiet with bird watching. The country has also got fewer species of birds than anywhere else, some bird species found here include; the Helmet Vanga, the ground roller and the Black and white Ruffed Lemur as well as the dancing sifaka. With these, you will be unable to forget this experience for the rest of your life. You will be able to enjoy this excellent taste of the Island in 14 days and also see most of the island’s birds. The Long tailed ground roller also represents an entire genus which is endemic to the small part of the south western Madagascar.

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris in Malawi or Zambia

These two countries are not known but they are good destinations for bird watching as well as the African Mega Fauna. South central Africa has also got many endemic birds and a few of them is restricted to only one country. Zambia as a country is known as a single country for finding the greatest bird species, and Malawi, Zimbabwe as well Mozambique, these countries are also good areas for bird watching. Zambia birding trips often highlight the famous for the shoebill stork after Uganda. Also the African Pitta is a most desirable bird and its breeding ground is found in the Zambezi River catchment of Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi as well as Mozambique. 

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safari in Botswana

Even though Botswana doesn’t have endemic bird species, it is regarded as a premier birding destination because of its protection of a number of threatened and endangered species. Coupled with an excellent seasonal variation in birding, Botswana is a good choice for bird lovers.

Northern Botswana also consists of many vast tracts of the untouched wilderness with variety of wildlife. The country also encompasses of two environments including; the Kalahari and the watery Okavango. Here you will understand why bird watching in Botswana is as good as it seems. This Okavango Delta is an ultimate destination for birding with in Botswana. This place is best visited after the rains around October and may get chance to view many species including; the wattled crane, slaty egret, and the lesser Jacana.

The birders can also watch birds in the Chobe National park and the many undisturbed wildernesses. The Herons and the larks are also two well represented bird families located in Botswana. It has got no endemic bird species, however, the birders will always reach out for several specialties including; the groups of the southern pied babblers, hartlaub’s babblers, brown fire finch, swamp boubou and the melodious larks.

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris in Kenya

Kenya is a known destination for bird watching throughout the year. The geographical ranges give Kenya various climates as well as landscapes, which leads to the highest numbers of bird species in the country. This country also holds the world record of bird watch with over 342 species that can be seen in 24 hours. More so, between February and October, there are many migrant birds that come to Kenya’s marine and in to the in land shorelines.

You will find many swallows, waders as well as terns in this area. Between June and July, the weavers and the bishops are breeding plumage and there are many southern African migrants that visit the country. In addition, Kenya’s national parks make very excellent centers for bird watching in Kenya, the maasai Mara famous for the rosy throated Long claw and the magpie shrike, the Samburu is common for the rare sun bird and the pink breasted lark, Nairobi is also good for the northern pied babbler and the great pangani long claw.

The country has also got many endemic species including; the Aberdare cisticola, the Tara river cisticola, William;’s lark, Hinde’s pied babbler, sharpe’s pipit as well as the Clarke’s weaver. Kenya’s diverse range of habitants supports a great diversity of birds which makes bird watching safaris rewarding in Kenya.

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris in Mozambique

Mozambique is over 2000km from the north to the south. It is also a lush and varied country with birding good along the Indian Ocean coastline. There are also coastal migrant waders which are found in the south and the ornithological records of the bays and the islands in the north are also still incomplete. Bird watching here offers a chance to view beautiful species including; the endangered Thyolo alethe, striking red and blue double collared sun birds, the white tailed blue flycatcher and many more. The other colourful and popular species include; the tiny greenbul, mangrove kingfisher as well as the olive headed weaver.

The most birding highlight of southern Mozambique is the Gorongosa National Park, with open woodlands, seasonal wetlands and the grasslands. This place has got many great sightings of birds including; the crowned cranes, vocal Burchell’s coucal and the red necked the north, the Quirimbus Archipelago has remained untouched and a special interest to the keen birders. The ornithological records are constantly being updates with the new sightings recorded every time.

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris in Rwanda

Bird watching in Rwanda is so overlooked in favour of the mountain gorillas. Bird watching here is so excellent and it gives visitors the chance to view some of the endemic bird species. Rwanda has got over 600 species, and it’s a mazing for a small country making it a great birding destination. The main area here for bird watching is the vast forest of Nyungwe National Park and it’s recognized as an IBA meaning an important Bird Area by the Bird Life International. Rwanda’s endemics also include; Collared apalis, the grader’s, Albertine owlet, red collared mountain babbler and the Neumann’s warblers. The famous papyrus swamps of Akagera National park are also common for the shoebill stork in Africa.

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris in Zimbabwe

Even though Zimbabwe doesn’t have any endemic species, it’s still a great destination for birds. Bird watching safaris in this country would be good during the rainy season of Oct to March since then food is much, and the migrants are around as well as many species in breeding plumage. The specialties here include; the Taita Falcon, and the Angola Pitta. There are over 650 bird species that are recorded in Zimbabwe and 8 of the 10 family’s endemic to the African mainland.

The key destinations for birding watching in this country include; the famous dry Kalahari areas of Hwange National Park, the rocky shores of Lake Kariba, the lush rain forests in the tiny Victoria falls national park and the Mana Pools National park mainly known for the walking safaris and also birding that varies from massive goliath herons to the indecent Shelley’s sun birds.

  1. Africa Bird Watching Safaris in Seychelles

This is also a disparate group of islands, and some are granite, coralline and located around the equatorial Indian Ocean, along a range of many kilometers. You can come birding in the Island and see a handful of rare endemics that came here and some large colonies of the Ocean going birds. These Islands have got 2 endemic bird species including; Seychelles blue pigeon; the Seychelles black parrot (the national bird of the Seychelles); Seychelles scops owl; Seychelles sunbird; Seychelles magpie robin; Seychelles warbler; Seychelles white-eye; Seychelles fody, Seychelles swiftlet; Seychelles bulbul, and Seychelles black paradise flycatcher.  There are also sources that recognize the Seychelles turtle dove as endemic on this Island.

Just in the interior of the Islands, there is the Indian Myna, bright Madagascar fody also known as the Red Cardinal Fody, the Zebra Dove and these are the common birds seen here. The other bird species to look for while birding in Seychelles include; dazzling white fairy terns, white-tailed tropicbirds, and the Beautiful red-tailed fairy terns. The Bird Island is the highlight of bird watching in the Seychelles and in 1986, the owners of this Island declared it as a wildlife sanctuary for its huge breeding colony of the sooty terns. Apart from birding at the island, the birders can also view the sea, shores and the land birds that breed on the Island.

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