Africa Bird Identification Guiding Safari

Africa Bird Identification Guiding Safari takes us to some of the lodges and camps that offer guided ornithological safaris. Africa Bird Identification Guiding Safari range from just a few hours long excursions up to a week long journey. With Africa Bird Identification Guiding Safari which are professionally qualified ornithologists you get the opportunity to spot many different bird species, even some rare, indigenous or endangered ones. A guided Bird watching tours are everything a true bird lover’s heart desires

Africa Bird-watching is best during the warm season when you get the opportunity to spot endemic species as well as migratory birds from Europe and Asia. With more than 2500 species of birds, Africa is a bird-watcher’s paradise. From tiny, brightly colored sunbirds and feisty little bee-eaters, to sinister marabou storks, prehistoric shoebills and even penguins, African birds come in an almost infinite number of sizes, shapes and colors.

Africa Bird Identification Guiding Safari

Ornithologists, avian enthusiasts and like-minded twitchers looking for speckled feathered creatures will love the specialist Birding Safari guides and birding safari itineraries that are tailored to your needs. We have experienced and know all of the finest locations and prime viewing times of the year to see the resident and migratory species that top your African birdwatching tour list.

Our guests step into real-world nature documentaries where millions of flamingos swirl on algae-rich lakes like Natron, Bogoria and Nakuru to viewing raptors like eagles, buzzards, kites of Southern Africa soaring overhead in search for prey alongside scavengers like vultures fending off predators for tiny morsels of a recent kill. Hundreds of species are found at the best-protected areas as well as private conservancies, including rare, threatened and endangered species.

Your birding journal fills quickly as the bushes, trees, grasses and other flora hide brilliantly colored feathered birdlife. Our birdwatcher’s safaris take you to forests, woodlands, wetlands, lakes, swamps, river banks and other habitats where avi-fauna thrive.

Africa Bird Watching Safari Packages

Africa Bird Identification Guiding Safari

We know when the migrators characteristically arrive based on historic information and also from weekly to monthly reports from safari accommodations and our guides, as well as when specific behaviors occur, such as mating and nesting, specific to varied wildernesses. Africa is recognized around the world for its birds as noted by the many Important Bird Areas on the continent with accessible and specialty birding countries being Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Botswana, Tanzania and Kenya with upcoming countries vying for recognition like Rwanda and Malawi.

Our ornithological guides skillfully locate them on their preferred resident ecology and also identify the species by sound and sight. You are enlightened and engaged by their vast knowledge of African avi-fauna. For recreational birders, some accommodations host birding walks and provide you with an identification card of local species.

We coordinate all aspects of your birding safari, including recommendations on national parks, reserves and private conservancies, as well as camps and lodges where you can see many species, even from the comfort of your private verandah. To identify a specific bird, we need to consider different key points, starting from its appearance, habitat, behavior, and many others. These factors are what we need to have an accurate declaration of the animal’s species.

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