Africa Beach Safari Holidays

Africa Beach Safari Holidays is The perfect holiday combination. Enjoy an exciting Africa Beach Safari Holidays adventure with astounding game drives across African plains before unwinding by the idyllic beaches of the Indian Ocean. Our top Africa Beach Safari Holidays picks of where to go on a safari and beach holiday take you from iconic game reserves to sun-warmed islands.

Luxury, family-friendly and honeymoon-perfect Africa Beach Safari Holidays itineraries are all available and we’ve even included a selection of our most popular safari and beach holidays which, thanks to our tried-and-tested logistics, means you’ll spend less time at airports and more time exploring.

From the white sands of Zanzibar to palm-fringed shores of Mozambique, Africa’s coastline offers plenty of options for creating your perfect Africa Beach Safari Holidays combination. Blessed with some of the world’s most extraordinary beaches, the African coastline – the stretch between Kenya and Mozambique in particular –  offers beaches like nowhere else in the world, including the exquisite Lake Malawi.

All our Africa Beach Safari Holidays can be enjoyed on their own or combined with a safari or lodge stay. We’ll design the perfect holiday for you.  An African safari is, by any measure, the most aspirational holiday of all, an adventure like no other, but it stays on our bucket list for far too long.  Combine a wildlife safari with the relaxation with a beach holiday in any of the resorts on the sandy beaches of Africa.

Africa beach Safari Holiday Packages

Africa Beach Safari Holidays

The ideal way is to begin your trip with a safari adventure, venturing into the wild African bush.  As safaris can be exhausting at the end, there is no better way than to unwind, while relaxing on any of the many beaches on the eastern coast of the African continent. If your African safari destination of choice is anywhere in the eastern or southern parts of Africa, you have a perfect opportunity to combine a bush safari with a beach experience.  After the safari, you can choose from several beach destinations like Zanzibar, Madagascar, La Reunion, Mauritius and Seychelles.

If you would like to combine viewing some of the best wildlife in the world with time relaxing on a glorious beach, we offer a magnificent range of safari and beach holidays in Africa and the Indian Ocean – including Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles and Mozambique. Our Bush and Beach Combos will show you the best that Africa has to offer.

See a variety of wilderness areas with incredible and variant wildlife viewing, cultural interaction and activities to get involved in. At the end of your holiday it is time to relax at the white sands and blue waters of your choice. Our Bush & Beach Safaris for Africa are tailored to your desires, so you can spend more time in the remote outback with shorter trips to the beach, or you may lounge by the sea for an extended time with limited tours of local protected areas. Consider combining your African bush safari with a relaxation at the beach.

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